Sunday, January 11, 2009

weeeeeee!! Going for a ride!

It such a beautiful sunny Sunday here.. I am headed out for a ride.. My basket is empty so hopefully it will be full of goodies when I return.. planning on riding down to the Historic District Square!

Valentine's Day is coming soon!! Start hinting to Cupid you really want one of these bikes! My sweet Tim, gave it to me for Valentine's last year. We ride all the time here in the district! It is made by This one is called the "GYPSY".
Have a great Sunday!
Give someone a big hug!


Stacey said...

Hi Valarie. Just came to visit you from My Romantic Home. I love your blog. I am a native Texan too...but living in Oklahoma. I've connected with several other TX bloggers. Your beautiful gardens and grass do my heart good. :) Love your decorating too.

mzzterry said...

Beautiful home, love your style. I live in North Texas Also! I found you thru Cherry Hill Cottage. I will be back, I enjoyed my visit here!

Mimi Sue said...

Found you through Romantic Home too. Gorgeous home and gorgeous blog. I'm a mimi too. It's seriously the BEST. I'll be back. Mimi

Ece Aymer said...

Hello Valarie
I have learned about your bathroom from Cindy's page. Wow,what a great bathroom!
By the way, you won that pretty, cute teapot, CONGRATULATION!
I am in the blogger land for a month and I found myself in a world of friendship and DIY treasure... I am soooo glad to be with you and others in the blogger world.
Hope you can find time to stop on my blog and look at my bathroom posted on 4th Jan...I need your comments...bye...

Donna said...

Well how cool is your blog!! I just found you through My Romantic Home (congratulations on winning!!)... Love your blog - especially that wall of crosses!!!... Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

just a little bit shabby said...

Hi Val!
This looks like fun but everytime I get on a bike these days I fall off! Those crazy hand brakes are my downfall! I'm used to the old style where you use the pedals to stop. Last time I tried I put too much pressure on the left hand and went over the top of the handlebars! At my age that can be dangerous! Looks like you had fun!
I'd love to go chandelier searching I still need one for my bathroom.
Congrats to you for winning the teapot, it is darling

bj said...

I just came over from My Romantic glad I did, too.
I am a native Texan too, yipee....
I live in West Texas, where the wind blows and so does the dirt...but, when we have pretty days, they are to die for.
I love your blog, will join as a follower and be back often. Pls. drop by my SWEET NOTHINGS place sometime. I'd love to have ya...

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