Thursday, January 15, 2009

Did your MAMA ever say?

"All you kids want is everything served up on a silver platter??"
This could explain one of my obsession's with silver platters!
Take a walk with me!
Nightstand.. Silver platter with my few favorites of me and Love of MY Life,then inside that silver platter another silver butter dish w/white balls our intials and wedding date, few red beads all served up on a silver platter!!

Silver platter..behind the flour and sugar containers.. (Strawberries waiting to be served on yep.. a silver platter!!)

Bedroom Shelf.. Clocks, hurricane lamp,books on a fabulous silver platter!

Guest Bath... Apothercary jars filled with my favorite fizz bath balls, soaps, bath salts served up on silver platter!

Master bath... Silver ice bucket w/red wine and glasses.. on a silver platter!

On the Hutch .. sugar bowl and coffee server on silver platter (you can't see the engraving .. but on the platter it reads.. HOME ECONOMICS 1978!! Love it .. snagged it a thrift store for $5 bucks!)

Please leave a comment of your Mama's favorite saying!! Mama, if you are reading this I LOVE YA! Salute to ya!


Anonymous said...

"Because I said so"...... my MOm always said that and it never was good enough for me... love all your silver... very pretty..

just a little bit shabby said...

My Mom always used to say....
Mother thinks it is time..... for...two little girls named Barbara Ann and Sandra Sue!
and off we went!

Mimi Sue said...

Love all your silver. It's a great way to store them. I've been thinking of hanging some of my trays. I find silver trays at the thrift store all the time cheap! My mama always said beauty is as beauty does. Give your mama a hug for me. Mine passed away in 2006. Mimi

Sandy~Romantique Inspirations~ said...

Hi there, Oh, you certainly do like your black and white. The pictures you have shown are great!! By the way thanks for dropping by, as I always say its nice to meet new bloggers

Chloe's Couture said...

I love all your vignettes! The silver is just beautiful! I love using silver trays and photoshopping pictures to hang in them-they make unique frames! I have enjoyed reading your blog!

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