Thursday, January 15, 2009


SuRpRiSe! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TIM!! Tim, you are my rock, and my best friend! I wish you a very relaxing day off work, happiness and celebrations tonight!
Since no calls from James Taylor came through .. I ran out and fulfilled the birthday wish.. Not exactly tickets to see JT, but a very nice flat screen for the kitchen. My LOML loves to watch Good Morning America while making "OUR" lunches and his coffee!
All the kids wanted to say... Happy Birthday!!

If you want leave Tim a comment! I'll make sure he gets it!
Thanks for sharing this great day with us!


Treasia Stepp said...

Happy Birthday Tim. May it be filled with all things special.

Cottage said...

Happy Birthday Tim!! Hope your celebrations are fun and you love your gift.

Dixie said...

well I guess a belatd birthday is in order... So.. Happy Birthday fellow Texan!

I've had a chance to "hit the highlights" of your blog.. and I'll return (now that I'm a follower" to read more as time allows.

Congrats on your bath in the mag! Hopefully it's on the magazine racks already.. I'd like to pick up a copy this weekend!

keep warm... Dixie

Mimi Sue said...

Happy birthday, Tim. From the cold state of Utah. Mimi

Dreams and Decor said...

Happy Birthday, Tim, on this milestone occasion! Remember...You're never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream! It sounds like Valarie has a wonderful time planned. Have fun! Patti

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