Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Photo shoot here today..

It was a very exciting day here at the blue cottage.... 

The Trailer Gal had a photo shoot. They were here for about 2 hours, hair stylist, make up artist, clothing stylist, 3 photographers and 2 models! 

They loved the vintage silver trailer!!  I snapped a few pictures this is the only one I can show you now due to copyright etc... They will be sending me the finished photos for the blog THE TRAILER GAL....  let you know when they are posted!  

Hope your day was fun... thanks for stopping by! 


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Guest Blogger Friday!! Come on in, door is open!

Welcome to Guest Blogger Friday here at the Blue Cottage.  I am so happy you stopped by... Sit down... and grab a sweet tea... you are in for a real treat!!

Hi - my name is Robelyn (aka: red.neck Chic) and I haunt Valarie's blog... it's fun over here!  I am SEW honored to lurk and loiter - and now duct tape all of YOU in Valarie's land of creative genius!!!

I am notorious for my cooking skills.  Seriously - I'm notorious with the local fire department and my home insurance company... a legendary chefette in my own mind...  I am generally banned from the kitchen - but I adore aprons!!!  I wear one allllllll day long at my "pay the bills" job (which is NOT behind the stove at a 5-star...) - and of course the apron has to be pretty!  What could POSSIBLY be prettier than a vintage pillow case?  I use them to make aprons (it's sew easy!), pocketbooks, skirts... nothing as mundane as making my bed. ~geesh~

I figure you can cook - and maybe you will be B-B-Q'n over the long week-end (if so - what time should I be there?)?  Or... perhaps gardening?  OR!  Maybe you just need a pretty apron?  Here you go:

Start with a vintage pillowcase - fold it in half with the pretty border inside - then fold it back again about a third of the way down - the pretty boarder outside.

Stitch it straight up the sides, then...

Voila! two pockets!  But - you're not done yet.

In keeping with the fact that I don't make my bed  we are using a vintage pillow case for this project - I located some bed sheet strips laying around in the laboratory for the ties.  Why? I don't know... but I promise - I have sheets on my bed that are in one piece. You could use ribbon - or a recycled belt... duct tape...

I just layered a couple of strips and stitched them right across the top!  Then...

add some pretty buttons - 'cause you HAVE to have some bling!

How's THAT for being a SEW easy project?! And look - even if you can't cook you could still hang your apron on the barbed wire fence... pretty up the 'hood.*big cheesy grin goes here*

Now - I'm off to see who's B-B-Q'n this week-end since the fire department has put crime scene tape 'round my kitchen - but I sure hope YOU have a wonderful and relaxing Memorial Day week-end full of duct tape and giggles!!!

Comin' to you LIVE from a single-wide where I can't thank you enough Valarie for lettin' me park the single-wide in your backyard and terrorize enjoy your neighbors and friends - I promise - I'll mow or duct tape somethin' while I'm back here...

old shutter turned screen!

This is where we store the wood and sticks for the outdoor fireplace.. when sitting you can see all the mess, and the grass that will not grow here etc..... 

I had a set of old shutters I could put to good use!!   

One of my favorite candle holders I use for the outside area... Mounted to the shutter for a sparkle of romance around the fireplace... 

Mounted to the trim with a L-Bracket...  Nice little screen to hide my mess!! 
No dollars spent!!  

You can find me here today...  and here on Friday show and tell!  

Happy Thursday! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

did you watch the final Oprah?

Oprah... from my garden these roses are for you! 

Oprah is #1 in my book!! 

A few things that Oprah said today that stuck with me... Remember YOU ARE WORTHY, YOU ARE LOVED, LOVE OTHERS, VALIDATE YOUR SELF WORTH AND OTHERS.  Live your inner passion! Listen to your internal whispers.... 

Oprah.. wishing you sparkle and celebration in your new ventures! 

Happy Wednesday!! 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Just a swingin'

Our entrance from the street. I spotted these old swinging kitchen doors at a recent junk sale and I had the perfect place for them..  

LOML (love of my life) wishing he did not have another one of my projects on a Sunday afternoon... thinking how much he loves me! 

One swinging door up! 

Two swinging doors up! I love how they do not totally close up the space, gives the entrance an element of interest while still making our guests feel welcome! 

Loved the faded yellow color -Thoughts?? 
I am playing today with Coastal Charm,  Work of the Poet, for Tuesday fun!! Pop over and see these wonderful blogs! 


Saturday, May 21, 2011

Burlap coffee sack turned ROMAN SHADE!!

Remember when I said I had a project for the burlap coffee sacks,   

When we did a small make over on the kitchen here.... I hung several lace pieces on a wire with clips for a new look over my kitchen window sink. I loved it!  I also love change... so I took a roman shade that I had here before the lace and repurposed the front of it with the burlap coffee sack.

It is pretty stiff to work with (didn't allow for that) a bit dark (it is growing on me)  and with the Texas summer around the corner I need something to block out the morning sun coming in this window!

Amazing what you can do with free coffee sacks with a little imagination.... the other project is around the corner .... coming soon...  it's more coffee sacks!!  Thoughts?

Enjoy your Saturday!! 
Linking up with Mod Mix Monday! 
xxoox, Valarie 

Friday, May 20, 2011


Hello to all readers of GLIMPSE OF MY WORLD.
and Valarie has asked that I do a guest post on her lovely blog.
I am a 73 year old grandmother of 10 and great-grandmother of 1.
I love thrifting with a passion...
just about anything that someone else has loved.

Like this old, metal display rack I bought for $5. from a store going out of business.
My hubby, MR. SWEET, kept asking "What the heck" the whole time
we were dragging it to his pickup.  :))
Once we got home with it, I painted it in the BEST black,
put tiles I already had on the top,
filled it with vintage locker room baskets..
a plate rack to hold my white plates..
more dishes..
a killer sign...
and I had a bakers rack for a mere Five Bucks..:)
I have an absolute PASSION for WHITE IRONSTONE..
especially lovin' little white pitchers...
here's a few from my collection.
I also LUV baking and do quite a lot of it...
I made homemade popovers the other day..
my very first
and now we're  HOOKED on them.:)
 I used to describe my decorating as
after I received this amazing book from my daughter,
I now call it
This is really an awesome book..if you get a chance to buy just one this year,
this is it.
 We love homemade biscuits...
and they are even better, cooked in a CAST IRON SKILLET.
Valarie, thank you so so much for the honor of appearing on your beautiful blog.
I appreciate it so much.
xoxo bj

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'll be Home....

Working at home all day ... come over and let's sit under the tree for a glass of sweet iced tea!!

Have a fabulous Thursday!! 

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

chippy & white!

Today I sharing this adorable garden chair I found this past weekend at a barn sale!  I am linking up with Faded Charm Cottage for White Wednesday today! Pop over and say hello to her and join the party!!    

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

before & after...

Found this at a garage sale.... wasn't crazy about the blue.. 

and the AFTER.... 

Cushions made of oilcloth - if you read my blog you know I use oilcloth for many projects! 
and always use 2 or more fabrics... this is reversible... strawberry vine on one side and polka dots on the other... 

Love the polka dots!  

Love the flirty detail on this bench! 

Don't you love her? 

I'm joining Ruby Tuesday,Linda - Coastal Charm , & Sue loves Cherries today! 

Monday, May 16, 2011


Sharing a few snapshots of daughter Karly - Graduated from Texas A & M on Saturday! 

Karly - She decked out the top of her cap! 

Karly and proud DAD!! 

Brother Jonathan, Karly, & DAD 

Jonathan & Karly on the Aggie bus! 

Jonathan, me, Karly, & Dad 

Of course we had a party!!! 

It was a very proud day for us!  
3 out of the 4 kids are college graduates.... last one to graduate University of Arkansas 2013!! 
  Thanks for letting me share our day!! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

did you say THE TRAILER GAL??

Yep, this is me!! Adding some sparkle to my life!! Go here and check out my new little venture!
After receiving many calls asking "Can we use your adorable silver streak trailer for a photo session?" and "Can we use your yard for a photo shoot?"  

The Trailer Gal was born!!  Can you all please help me spread the word in blogland?? 

 and grab my button off my sidebar!! And follow me on this blog too! Will share photo shoots on this blog and other info...
Pop over & visit and then let me know what you think?? I am still tweaking and adding pictures etc....


Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Friday and flowers in a chicken feeder!!

Every spring I love to plant flowers in my chicken feeder!! I posted about it here last year.... 
Happy Friday!! 

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