Thursday, February 24, 2011

Someone "had" to babysit her....

Someone had to pick up the puppy for the Live Auction for Cowboys and Cowboys Gala Saturday night..... One of the perks for being the event chair!  This beautiful, cuddly lab puppy is one of the few fabulous things that will be auctioned off to a wonderful home Saturday night. We loved having her in our home tonight she was so adorable... the "GRAND" boys played with her and we all enjoyed our Thursday night @Mimi's house. 

How could anyone resist not taking her home??

A yellow lab... what a sweet face! 

She was right at home in LOML's chair!  

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

62 Shasta pictures.. because you asked for more!!

I joined the REDNESDAY linky party to show off something red. I shared this red adorable trailer that I loved and could kick myself for selling.  Many of you emailed and left comments "SHOW US MORE" SO for those of you that ask.... here she is ... Also click here for past postings on her. 

This is the night we picked her up in Texarkana! 

Lori had started to remodel her-- 

It had much water damage... We replaced the entire back panel and insulated.  
Back of trailer off, insulated and new sub floor put down. 
Stove came with the trailer, we had the trailer all rewired and added the dorm refrigerator.. drawers and cabinets built with boomerang handles on cabinets which were original 
A closet built with clothes rack to store linens, awning etc... 
Tim worked with the guy that remodeled to add the a/c to back. We did not want to lose any space or window space... worked like a dream .. seriously would freeze you!! 
All overhead cabinets rebuilt, he was able to savage all the trim. New stain throughout .. HONEY BIRCH... Please note if you decide to remodel one of these and the inside is HONEY BIRCH ... DO not PAINT it decreases the value. 
The table we had built - it folds up and can also be removed. I had cushions made of oilcloth - very easy to clean and durable for our family! The cushions on the long benches will seat 3-4 - It is very comfortable for sleeping. We never unfolded to make a full size bed due to space. 
I cleaned and cleaned, polished and polished her silver to make her shine... she was adorable.. 
My mom made her banner... I loved it!! 
My sister made her red white check curtains.. and hand towels.  We had hand pump for water - good enough to use to brush your teeth. 
Here she is all ready for her first trip to celebrate my 50th! 
I was so happy with her!! 
All ready to go... 
This was taken at Devil's Den in Arkansas. 

LOVED THE AIR VENT... SO VINTAGE! I loved to crank it open... to see the trees above us.

I know you are asking why I sold her.... She did not have a bathroom, and the trailer from end to tongue was only 12 ft. I had my heart set on an airstream. I put her on Craig's List AND sold her in one day! I didn't expect to sell her.. I cried when she pulled out the driveway... But oh how I love my new 62 Silverstreak!!  If you want to see that one in the remodel let me a comment and will post soon!! 

Hugs.. Thanks for all the comments ! Someone actually does read my blog!! 


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

cowboys and cowboys sky ranch gala

I still live at this blog.. I promise....

Cowboys & Cowboys is 4 days away and last minute logistics are kicking my tail!!

I am excited to visit Laurie Anna who donated all decor, Anette donated awesome jewels, Daphe Nicole donated a fabulous purse, The Antique Paperie ..a beautiful vintage basket of goodies,  Missy of Brick & Stones...

It is going to be a fab event... wish you all could come... tickets left here.....

and if you love Aaron Watson -- he is our entertainer for the evening!

hUGs, Back soon....

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Living Room Reveal - Before & After!

I am joining in the linky party .. beyond the picket fence.... 100 ideas under $100!
Happy Saturday all... my living area is back in order. As mentioned in earlier post I had a plan to remodel dining room only.. Since the dining and living connected I had to paint both rooms to flow. While in the process I moved many pieces around the house to give this room a new look for no expense. 

My cost to makeover the living room... paint and labor of love!  

My old paint color was "Sands of Time" .. new paint color is Ralph Lauren "Natural Canvas" Same color I painted my kitchen last year. I love it! ALSO... while we were painting the dining & living also painted the ceilings the same color for a warm and cozy feel. It totally gives you a different feel in these rooms. Painted all crown and floor molding "Seaside Sand"

This is the only recent photo I have of the living where you can see the layout of the living area. This was taken at Christmas. You can see where I had the sofa at angle in front of the windows. After 8 years of angling the sofa I was really tired of it and I have 2 huge windows behind the couch. I was ready to take advantage of the huge window and light they bring in. The black mirror you see in far left hand corner is now in the dining room (revealing soon) and the tea cart in same corner was only in living area for holiday to allow more space for tree in dining area.  The tea cart  is now in the Shabby Room.  
BEFORE: This was the long wall in the living area. The cross collection and the blessed are now hanging in my hallway.   The black pedestal holding the fern is now in the dining area. 
This is the long wall, moved the couch here. The black buffet mirror was in the dining area and moved to living area, moved the 2 vintage mirrors on the left from the Shabby Chic room.  

Few pieces on top of the mirror buffet are a few of my favorites. The black damask plates were in dining room moved them under the black mantle, they were a Pottery Barn find and I heart them too. No longer work in dining room so moved to living - where most of my red and black finds are.  
Where the cross collection use to hang is now the print of red roses and underneath is a very old sampler... HOME SWEET HOME.. (Click on photo to enlarge) 
You can see more of the living area here... In far right corner is a old buffet - When we got the man sized flat screen we had to have something to hold all the video's, cd's and books - (I am NOT a fan of the flat screen being a decorative object) Aren't you loving the new paint???

The Queen Anne chairs now sit in front of the windows... i love them there. The table between the chairs is a goodwill find - top is marble. 

Walls bare here.. enjoying the new paint for now. 

Sharing this little corner behind the Pottery Barn leather chair and ottoman that I would love to put on Craig's list  LOML loves! The shabby chic column behind his chair is a trades day find,  the black buffet topper I bought from Jan -(antique mall-mckinney).  
Thanks for stopping by! Please share your comments! thoughts! 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

seriously .. I must love chaos!!

I have a bzillion things going on right now here and here!! So why do I start these huge projects??? Well the living and dining area are connected so when we painted the dining room and started the make-over the living area looked off balance because the dining room is neutral and living was a darker tan. A dear friend recommended a painter and he did an awesome job! Once I have this room complete I will show you both rooms before and after. The hold up on showing you the dining area is the curtains... have sent back twice from different boutique stores... so decided the custom route. Should be here next week!!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

TODAY I was here....

Went on the field trip with my grandson to the Fort Worth Science & History museum. The kids had a blast... I believe his favorite thing was the hula hoop in the hands on lab.
Enjoy the moments!! I can not believe he will be in jr high next year!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day!!

I'm so glad you all are in my Blogger Valentine directory!! 
Wishing you a day of Love & Peace! 

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cupcakes & a vintage Shasta trailer....

Happy Saturday to you!! As you all know I LOVE vintage trailers and cupcakes!! Today I am  dreaming here...
Now that's a garden party! 
Love this tablecloth! 

Fresh flowers are always in! 
Cupcakes are my favorite!! 

Happy Valentines Day!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

remember spring???


Have a awesome day!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Perfect Valentine T-shirt!!!

Stopped by DIGGIN IT to pick up a super fun and funky t shirt today for the Valentine party Saturday night... Pop over and get you one, she will mail you one.. just tell her I told you she would!! Her friend Marc designed it and I love it... 

I was trying to take a picture of myself so you could see the super cute Valentine T-shirt. I LOVE YOU!!  Yes, I am sporting my Grandmother's cat eye glasses.. Just had the lenses replaced in them.. I adore them.. and the new pink t! Thanks Tracey!!  

Sunday, February 6, 2011


Are you ready for SuPeR BOWL XLV??    

Personally I am not a huge football fan, however, I love LOVE THE social aspect of all the glitz, glam, food, friends and fun. So this morning I am making a few of my favorite dishes to take to a party!!  I have shared them with you before .... Magic Cookie Bars click here and BBQ Jalapeno Poppers click here ... Fire up the oven and make it a day of memories!!!

Much hugs!!
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