Saturday, January 3, 2009


Howdy everyone!!

Drove down to East Texas last night to celebrate Mama's 67th birthday! Her actual b'day was 12.29, but her calendar stays pretty full so I had to get penciled in for a date! That's okay Mama, I don't mind sharing you.. YOU ARE WONDERFUL! Seriously, you are truly amazing!

We hit all the thrift stores today, had a blast. I will attach my finds all this week. I spent a total of $6 bucks and had a blast!

I loved this Coffee canvas.. reminded me of my Grandmother.. I can so hear her saying "Honey, can I get you another cup?" I Miss you Grandma! -Also if you notice the little glass jar.. It has Instant Coffee in gold lettering, hard to read in the photo! According to Grandma instant Sanka was the only cofffee! So when I found these at the same junk shop - for a $1.50 total! I knew my little angel was on the shoulder today!! I collect green restuarant ware, so I added these in with the other finds.

When driving back west to Dallas then far North to Home Sweet Home, my car made a sharp veer back into Trades Day. You need to check out my friend Lillie Lillie has "THE JUNK PALACE" in Malakoff, Texas!

Enjoy my finds!

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