Monday, March 30, 2009

Take me out to the Ball Game!

We had a baseball game tonight AND WE WON!!
Our newest fan!
Hope you all had a great Monday!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

You knew I would share with you....

Today was a home-run in the junky find world!
First stop .. ESTATE SALE! I found these treasures! "social notes" with daisies for a friend... shhh! Found 2 more chairs, for dining room project! Need painting! Stay tuned for this project!
Love this!!
AND THEN... Had to run by my favorite store downtown on the square and.. This sweet pillow sham 'SWEET DREAMS" was a "MUST HAVE!"
Sweet Dreams! Hope your day was fun!

Looking out my kitchen window...

and thinking I should go junkin' today!
Happy Saturday!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank you Lisa!

This little honest scrap was given to me by Lisa: The requirements are to list 10 things about yourself and then pass it on to others......Here goes!
1. I love HOME!
2. I am the Queen of Drive-Through Fast Food! (Taco Bell is my favorite)
3. I always have a camera in my possession!
4. I love tennis shoes... if I could get away with wearing them to work I SO WOULD!
5. I have been known to have a mojita or two!
6. I love Goodwill, thrift store shopping.
7. I will talk to anyone.. (anyone that will listen!)
8. I love pearl's!
9. I am married to my LOML (LOVE OF MY LIFE!)
10. I am inspired by each of you!
I'm supposed to pass this along.. here goes.. plEASe Play aLoNg!
Mimi Sue
Have a great week-end!!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

MIMI night ...

Love my boys!


PLease pop over to wish Tina @Cherry Hill Cottage a Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday Tina! I hope all your wishes and dreams come true!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Welcome Home....

Pulling in my drive.. I notice 3 of the 150(Yes!) daffodil bulbs we planted are starting to bloom. I had to show you, cross your finger's that all the others will bloom just in time for Easter!
Laugh with someone you love today!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Arkansas Bound!!

Hey all.. It's all official! The last one in the nest has decided .. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS!! Any of my blogging sisters there in Arkansas? Any great thrift stores in Fayetteville? I will be up there plenty.. Say a prayer for us.. LOML not doing so well with this one leaving the nest!
WOO PIG SOOIE!! (gotta learn to call those hog's!)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

$11 bucks worth of FUN!!

Hey all... Look at all I rescued today and brought back to life! Using all my junky finds for guest bath!
Rescued this ugly little brown table .. now adorable ruby red table at Goodwill $3. The little ceramic lattice basket with the cute twisted yellow flower for a $1. The magazine rack was $5 however... let me share this was not fun to paint at all... (so don't look too close). Is it okay to have a magazine rack n your bathroom?? I think so... tell me your thoughts! AND.... finally all of you know I love and adorn old jewelery tray's .. found this one in the center at a Salvation thrift today for $2. So a day of painting & sanding my finds... just doesn't get any better than this! That was my day today! Thanks for stopping by!
Inspired by all of you.. Valarie

Friday, March 20, 2009

out .. planting more pots! Where was Mimi Thursday?

Well .. we were in the yard till dark!! Planting containers, and making messes! Wesley and I made great progress. He is out on Spring Break.. so we will be in the yard again today! White Geranium's & Alyssa
We planted these pots. Notice my steps.. well a short brief story on that... this house was a duplex when I bought- these were the steps to the kitchen. We planned on removing .. but didn't. I had a brainstorm to make a mock entry to my favorite place in Texas! This is the water tower in Gruene, you can see it from I-35.. ONCE I see this I know I am almost home! .
Enjoy the beautiful weather!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LOML office getting a SpRinG Make-over... Let's take a Peek!

Hey all... LOML said the other day "my office needs a redo!" I called in the help of Vicki to add box pleat valances, added a sailboat photo! (LOML is a water baby, sailboat guy! We had a small sailboat once.. before LOML nearly sank it and almost drowned at Lake Texoma! Save that story for another day!)
When I moved here in 2002 what is now LOML office was a storage room on the front of the garage. Over the years transformations have occurred every spring. The mural was his birthday gift one year, the bead board ceiling and cut in stars in ceiling were another Spring re-do, the hand scraped floors I had done for Valentine's last year. The sailboat pictures are finds from thrift stores, garage sales. The little yellow gold desk was a Pier 1 floor model on clearance. .. Remember the other day the sad empty pots outside his office.. filled them today with lavender, geranium's, petunia's.. Did you see the "MAGIC" stone? I put there .. cause I believe HE IS PRETTY MAGICAL!
Thanks for taking a peek with me!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Been down to see Mama! and my sister Fannie!

Hello all...
Went down to see my sweet Mama and my fabulous sister Fannie in East Texas.. we had a field trip!
We went here.... .. Website not up yet, if you are in Tyler stop by- Linda is located at 3722 Old Bullard Road.. 903 939.3722
she had these things...
and this....
and I brought this back home with me!! LOVE IT!! ALL MY COLORS! Fell in love with it...
Happiness to all...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

I hung my fern's today!

Blessed Sunday to all...
LOML picked up 4 fern's this morning. I am not much on planting in plastic pots.. so the pots had to go to recycle!!

Last Spring bought several of the cone shaped pots from Home Depot! I love them. ... all fern's are hung..

AND.... If you recall the mess I had last Sunday??? Well, she is working perfect now!
It's Spring Break here.... hope you all have a great week!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

This is just SINFUL!!

Do you have a Chocolate Fountain? This little gadget is a must have!!

As us true Texas gals say "LARAPIN' GOOD"!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Moments that take your breath away?

All of you that follow my blog know that every Thursday night is Mimi Night! These are moments that take my breath away!

What takes your breath away?
Love & Peace!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thanks Mika!

I love my Easter Banner... if you need something pretty cute --order one!!
Hop! Hop!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

oh my .... taking inventory!

Blessed Sunday to all...
I have been out in the yard this morning taking inventory of where to start! I know spring is here because my hosta's are poking thier head's up, all my ruffled ferns are sprouting.. and my vines are blooming.
I don't run the fountain's in the winter months-- so when I turned this one on this morning.. I smiled! The sound of the water trickling ... I know my time of year is about to begin.. and I LOVE IT! Let's take a walk!

Many empty window boxes! What shall we plant this season???

I love this fountain... I would say it is a mess!

This is outside LOML's office door... need to plant happiness.. what is left from winter is a rose vine. What a sad little planter!
WOW! I love mint, this is for the summer mojita's.. I can't believe I have this much already. Mint grows fabulous here in Texas.. you have to keep contained or mint will take over! (do you like my old weathervane) Looks like we will have plenty of mint for the yard parties!
I'll be in the yard today! I have gloves for all of you that want to join!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

SPRING FEVER!! here at the cottage!

Happy Saturday!!
My daughter, Ashley gave me the straw purse a few years back to take to the beach. I love it. Have been brainstorming over what to put on my front door for the spring. I have been picking up silk flowers from goodwill, thrift stores, and garage sales to use for other outdoor wreaths. So ... I stuffed the straw bag full of flowers and there you have it .. Spring time! I may add some bunnies or something closer to Easter. (I'll let ya know!)
Close-up of all the flowers... can you find the butterfly?

A reminder spring is on the way!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mini-Makeover for kitchen area....

BEFORE: Dining room ~We have had this bistro set from Pier One for about 6 years, I had wanted a old farm table with old farmy type chairs (whatever that is!) and never found what I liked. So with the help of Vicki - transformed this little space. I am just screaming happiness right now.

AFTER:I put this planter in the center of the table for a second.. won't stay there.. Could not wait to show you - so I will set the table another day! Don't you love my rooster fabric? Don't you love love the little toaster covers for the back of the chair? LOVE IT! and ... finally the complete photo of the wall in my mini makeover! I know you are all wondering where I got the giant fork and spoon? Goodwill!! They were brown and ugly and LOML made me leave them outside until they were transformed ... hummmm - 2 hours later... BINGO! Hope you enjoyed the Friday night tour!! Big hugs! Valarie

Thursday, March 5, 2009

I have something new...Sharing with you!

Well it is all coming together... my sweet friend Vicki ( custom pieces today. Let's take a look!
BEFORE: Custom bedding.. I designed it but DID NOT sew it! I had it for 6 years and loved it. I was really ready for a change!

AFTER: Bedding by Waverly from Target. Vickie made the long pillow in the back, swirls with dots. The sweet little white pillow case behind the sham's, I found this week at Goodwill.. $1 for the pair! The little white pillow in front found at the Salvation Thrift Store, love the script.. be sure and read! 3 bucks! The pillow on the window seat - the little sampler found at Goodwill few months back, cost me 50 cents.. because the girl at the counter said... "Now, who would want just this piece of needlework?" Hummmm... ME!! The saying on the wall underneath the mantle... found at Target last week-end on clearance! I am not usually much on wall words but LOML and I say this all the time, so thought I needed it!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! and the new look!
Leave me a comment if you LOVE IT.. AND IF YOU DON'T love it then don't rain on my parade!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Spring is near.....

Congratulations to The Blue Ridge Gal for winning my sweet little bird note cards! They were so cute.. Hope she loves them!
Stop back by for more fun little give-a-ways!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I am giving away 6 adorable bird note cards to the first person who leaves me a comment about birds! Yep that simple... a bird story, OR a bird memory, OR what your favorite bird is, etc....
Can't wait to see the first comment and winner!

Chirp.. chirp...

Monday, March 2, 2009

What's a Texas girl to do???

Happy Monday to all... I need your help. My wicker dining table and chairs are 28 years old.. and the chairs are literally on their last leg! so..... Yep, I put 3 of them on the curb this week-end! Look at these 3 I found at a thrift store $10 bucks each!! YIPEEE!! I'll take them!

So this is where my hysteria comes in on what color to paint the new junky finds? I have been wanting to add color to the dining area! Check out the other things I have in the dining area ... as you can see black, black and BLACK! What do you think about me painting them different colors.. my fav ruby red, maybe squash yellow, shabby creamy white?? Take a peek at my dining room and LEAVE ME A COMMENT ON WHAT TO DO!!

yOUR CoMmenTs matter... so please help a Texas gal out!
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