Thursday, February 28, 2013

Garage Makeover

For you that follow a glimpse of my world .. know that I live in a 1950'ish cottage in the beautiful historic district of Mckinney!

We don't tear things down unless it is falling down in the historic district. 

However, we do have our qwirks and the garage is a huge issue. It was a 2 car with a dividing wall in between. No garage door opener! The garage height on the inside was very low.  Love of my life drives a Silverado Extended cab and it would not fit in height or width... I could park my car in the garage, the other side of the garage was filled with my much needed junky finds. We wanted the garage to have floored space for storage- 

First day of work, moving electrical wiring 

Tore out center wall making it one huge space now... 

As you can see, it is sagging in the middle.. Raised the door height and new headers 

ALL new rafters inside garage and floored for storage.. cause you know I need more JUNK! 

He did great work!! 

Almost finished.. Saturday we are painting and adding new strap hinges on door -  

Love the trellis!! Come on spring I can't wait to grow something flowery on this!  

Almost done.... We parked in it last night - we have garage door openers, truck & car safely tucked in.

More to come.... We are in remodeling mode in 2013!!!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Back in action!

Camera finally came today!! 

Back in action now... I have been using my iphone for pictures and for everyday blogging that does not work out well at all! It came today so be watching for more posts!! 

Valentine roses still beautiful!

I adore this man! Everyday is amazing! 

A glimpse of my space..

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Monday, February 18, 2013

Celebrating Jack...

This past weekend my little 4 year GRANDson took the soccer field for the first time! 
Of course it was worth the 171 miles one way to see his excitement! 

He was a little disappointed here - he missed the goal! 

Of course he had blue soccer cleats, his favorite color is blue.. but mostly blue cupcakes are on his hot list right now! 

Running... he loves to run! 

Our little Jack! 

My sweet Mother and my GRANDson Wesley, My GRANDsons Great Grandmother... We are all so blessed to have her!!

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xxo- Valarie 

Monday, February 11, 2013

love my chandy's!!

Nothing like a little bling!!

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Thursday!!

From my nest to yours.... Happy Thursday!! 
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