Sunday, January 25, 2009

Goodwill Yesterday!!

Blessings to all on this beautiful Sunday!
I wanted to share a few of my finds yesterday! I have made a list of things my little cottage needs: pictures, more beadboard, and more color (other than red, & black)! so with that in mind I was on a mission to find a few things on my list!
At Goodwill: I found the following:
Loved this.. hung it above my mail box on front porch~

I loved thIs photo~ although it was in a black frame, and more red! Of course I was drawn to it! I hung underneath my cabinets by my very fun 50's-60's Canister Set!

Hung this on the side porch~ Loved the yellow frame and daisies!

Hope you liked my finds!


Cottage Rose said...

Hey Valerie; Love all the pictures you found. They are so pretty, you sure did find a lot of fine treasures


Michele said...

Val! My mom had this same yellow framed picture when I was a child! It looks so cute on your home! Love your finds!

kathi said...

Just found your blog and have been scrolling through... lovely!
I just got that same little daisy picture (69 cents) at my favorite thrify store! Would never thought of hanging it outside on the porch!
Great idea!

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