Saturday, January 31, 2009

Andrea... This Blog is for you!

Andrea, this is for you..
The window reads " My garden of flowers, is also my garden of thoughts and dreams"

I am headed out the door to see baby girl @Aggieland! Going to a basketball game and lunch and hit a few thrift stores!

Friday, January 30, 2009

My bathroom needs a SPLASH OF LOVE!

Valentine's Day I love! So .. I have to add a few glittery hearts and letters here and there..
Hung this banner on the bathroom mirror .. you know as a slight hint that Valentine's Day is coming!

SSHHHH.. Check out Tim's little surprise. Going to put in his Valentine basket! Order you one!!
Be nice to a stranger today!! Pay it forward!

Thursday, January 29, 2009


After being iced in for 2 days here.. On the way home from Corporate America .. Had to stop by for a little Goodwill junking!
I bought this cake pedestal - 3 bucks! Brought it home and put my one of my many silver jewlery boxes on top, with some of my silver jewels, faux pearls and there you have it! Looks cute huh? The red mirror was green .. I found at a garage sale this past week-end for $1 so I gave it a coat of Ruby Red.

Love this wooden serving trays.. The cream one I am going to paint up.. so be watching for the "AFTER" photo of that to come and the other one I love like it is.. Will put on the patio table in the summer! Both of them 2 bucks!

and finally -- the little vase with the yellow flowers! Was drawn to it! Was not marked nice lady at counter .. 50 cents! and of course I had to set it atop Grandma's luggage!

Goodwill was a highlight of my day ... But I have to say the true highlight - was lunch with my dear friend Denise! Denise is leaving the company after 9 years. Out of those 9 years, we worked on the event team for 5 years together. We have traveled many miles, worked many trade shows, golf events, sales kickoff's, we have graduated our kids from College, witnessed the birth of grandbabies, witnessed each other's second marriages, ate tons of Mexican food, and laughed until we cried about our crazy jobs, and have had many many memories, and celebrations. Denise, if you are reading this .. you rock and you have forever changed my life! I love you dearly! Here's to you girlie!
Peace to all..

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Banner by Mika! Did you get one?

CHeck out Tina's, sweet daughter Mika..Banner creation! My sweet mailman Mark deliverd today in the ice! (brrrrr it's so cold here!)
Thanks Mika! I love it.. doesn't she look perfect for LOVE day!?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I wish.... I were in Stockbridge and it was Summer!

Click to play Summer in Stockbridge
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31 degrees and FREEZING RAIN! Let's make SOUP!

Bundle up all... it is cold here in North Texas!
Grab your favorite vegetables.. and put on a pot of soup!
My favorites! Red Potatoes, Carrots, Onion, Celery, Green Beans, Corn, Italian Style Stewed Tomatoes, Garlic Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, plenty of pepper, couple dashes of garlic salt! Then .. you must make a big iron skillet of cornbread with sliced onion and you are set!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Double Post today!! But....

Yummy Yummy!!
If you have not had dinner yet.... Try the Shirley's Chicken Pot Pie from Tina
The ingredients~

Mixed together~

In the oven! (my house is smelling so good right now!)

Out of the oven..... Oh yes .. this is a thumb's up recipe!!


Goodwill Yesterday!!

Blessings to all on this beautiful Sunday!
I wanted to share a few of my finds yesterday! I have made a list of things my little cottage needs: pictures, more beadboard, and more color (other than red, & black)! so with that in mind I was on a mission to find a few things on my list!
At Goodwill: I found the following:
Loved this.. hung it above my mail box on front porch~

I loved thIs photo~ although it was in a black frame, and more red! Of course I was drawn to it! I hung underneath my cabinets by my very fun 50's-60's Canister Set!

Hung this on the side porch~ Loved the yellow frame and daisies!

Hope you liked my finds!

Saturday, January 24, 2009


Happy Saturday!!

I found Duda Daze work by way of Tina. I loved her work so I contacted Diane to ask if she could paint me a brunette girl (me!) with a black white checked apron (match all my black-white check kitchen decor) holding a speckled rooster (you all know I love rooster's!) Diane sent me the draft and I loved it... When the painting arrived today Diane had painted the white picket fence and my blue house in the background!! I love it! Diane, you rock and I have been smiling all day long!
This is my main wall in the kitchen.. with the rooster mural! The fork and spoon I bought at Goodwill for 3 bucks and gave them a coat of black paint with a little sanding on the edges! I know this print is too small for the big wall .. but had to share so you all could get the jest of how she is going to look in my kitchen with all the other decor!! ADORABLE!

Diane's work!! Truly a piece of art and I LOVE IT!! DID I SAY I LOVED THIS??

Grinning ear to ear in Texas!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Look what I had on the steps when I got home!

Cindy, Thank you so much! This is the most beautiful teapot I have ever seen!

In case you all are wondering I won the teapot from Cindy @
Gotta run to find just the perfect spot for this beauty!
Smiles & BIG HUGS!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Acceptance Letters are rolling in!!

Hey all.. I know this isn't a decorating tip! But wait.. wait...
Have to share college acceptance letters are rolling in for our last one in the nest!
SO far ...
Sam Houston State
Tarleton State
University of Arkansas!

and we are waiting for TEXAS A & M!! (Wants to join his sister in Aggieland!)
Tim and Jonathan and a few more letters! WOW! 3 out of the nest 1 to go! (cry cry!)

and if all if you are wondering is that a Arkansas Hog in the background?? Yes you are correct! Last year on Jonathan's #17th birthday when our first choice was University of Arkansas - we surprised him with a HOG!!

Prayers, wishes are being accepted at this time!
Till tomorrow .. sweet dreams!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


ME TOO!! What is about the sound of a clock ticking that is so relaxing? Or what is the thought process of me buying old clocks that do not work, and will never work? ANSWER! I LOVE THEM! I can spot a clock a mile off! On the clocks that do not work.. I set times that are special to me .. kid's date of birth or and time of birth, grandson's time of birth, the time I met LOML (love of my life!).
This mirrored shelf use to be a piece to a part of a hutch until I dismantled it! Perfect for my clock's! This is in the dining room area!

This shelf is above the bed in master bedroom. Love all the clocks, old books, silver trays and basically junk! Mostly I love this shelf- junky find for $25 garage sale, was brown veneer! (yikes and it was UGLY!)

How many clocks have do you have? Vintage, Uncle Ben etc??

Monday, January 19, 2009


We all have our little snacks that we are addicted to! These just happen to be mine!
Don't forget so stop by Susan's event @
Have a Great Monday!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Oh my.... Well when I read Cherry Hill Blog
I had to write about my Grandmother & her TussY! When my grandmother passed away, her Samsonite ended up in Mama's garage. When I was visiting Mama for her 67th birthday recently, I asked again for the luggage and she let me have it! Thanks Mom! I thought it would be cool to place her luggage in the guest room. When I arrived home I was proudly looking for the right spot to place. I opened the suitcase to all of her personal belongings. I could not believe all of her favorite personal items packed just so-so! I smiled when I saw the Tussy and the Emeraude! Those two items were staples in the personal hygiene department!

Please notice in the photo.. pictures of Jesus, her Tussy, Emeraude, her little black beaded coin purse handle held together with a paper clip, her white socks, the 2 little rings (she loved costume jewelry!) and the Cover Girl compact. My grandmother never drove, so when she came for a visit she always had the Samsonite!!
So if you reading this and you see a ladybug appear in the strangest place, or a hummingbird zip by your kitchen window, the first Tulip bloom, the dogwood bloom early, it's her passing through.
Grandma, you are in my mind daily, your apron hangs in my kitchen, your photo next to my kitchen sink. I share our stories with your great-great grandson Wesley ever time we cook in the kitchen. In my day your memories, your stories, your legacy are always present!
Hugs to all... Hug your Grandmother if you are so blessed to have her!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Look at the Treasure I found today!

Look what I found today!! Do YOU LOVE this picture? Found at Goodwill today! No price, went to the counter to ask when she said
"OH, HOW ABOUT A DOLLAR?" I was soooooo!! HAPPY!

I put it above my cabinet for now.. sure I will move it a million times.. looking for the right spot!

Something about these raspberries .. I just loved!

Think I got a bargain? Leave me a comment.. yes you love, no, give back to Goodwill, or keep it and make it work... (ohh and I know I need to spiff up that plate rack ... I want red dishes.. looking for them now!)
Peace to all..

Thursday, January 15, 2009


SuRpRiSe! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TIM!! Tim, you are my rock, and my best friend! I wish you a very relaxing day off work, happiness and celebrations tonight!
Since no calls from James Taylor came through .. I ran out and fulfilled the birthday wish.. Not exactly tickets to see JT, but a very nice flat screen for the kitchen. My LOML loves to watch Good Morning America while making "OUR" lunches and his coffee!
All the kids wanted to say... Happy Birthday!!

If you want leave Tim a comment! I'll make sure he gets it!
Thanks for sharing this great day with us!

Did your MAMA ever say?

"All you kids want is everything served up on a silver platter??"
This could explain one of my obsession's with silver platters!
Take a walk with me!
Nightstand.. Silver platter with my few favorites of me and Love of MY Life,then inside that silver platter another silver butter dish w/white balls our intials and wedding date, few red beads all served up on a silver platter!!

Silver platter..behind the flour and sugar containers.. (Strawberries waiting to be served on yep.. a silver platter!!)

Bedroom Shelf.. Clocks, hurricane lamp,books on a fabulous silver platter!

Guest Bath... Apothercary jars filled with my favorite fizz bath balls, soaps, bath salts served up on silver platter!

Master bath... Silver ice bucket w/red wine and glasses.. on a silver platter!

On the Hutch .. sugar bowl and coffee server on silver platter (you can't see the engraving .. but on the platter it reads.. HOME ECONOMICS 1978!! Love it .. snagged it a thrift store for $5 bucks!)

Please leave a comment of your Mama's favorite saying!! Mama, if you are reading this I LOVE YA! Salute to ya!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Bit of Velvet & A Dash of Lace~By Robin Brown

Evening Friends!!
Do you have a copy of this book? Tim surprised me with a copy over the weekend! You will love it.. I have read twice, so many amazing photo's and neat stories about Robin and her vision!
If you can not run out tonight and get this book ... I have attached her web site info for you to browse through.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Do you love ball fringe? LEAVE A COMMENT!

Are you a sucker for Ball Fringe? or Fringe Ball's? ME TOO!! Stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up a new glue gun and came home with 4 yards of black ball fringe AND no glue gun!
Ball fringe in dining area...

Ball fringe in living area...

This little pitiful looking lamp sits on my home office desk.. So tonight got her a new shade, perked up with black ball fringe placed in the garden urn, with glass crackled balls, & beads.

Thoughts! leave me a comment!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Hey all.. need your help! My hunk of a sweet husband has a birthday this week, plus Valentine's coming up. Need a lifeline call to James Taylor.. if anyone knows him, just need him to give Tim a call for his birthday!! I think that may top the anniversary's, birthday's, and Valentine's gifts in the past. We have seen James Taylor in Dallas twice, in Chicago... and at Tanglewood last July3rd!
This trip was a birthday/valentine gift for TIm last year. I am racking my brain trying to top it! It will be hard! Tim had a dream of traveling to Stockbridge.. Lenox.. Pittsfield.. to capture all of the lyrics that James sings of. It was more than a dream come true for us! We planned for 6 months, everything we would do and see. We didn't meet James Taylor. The concert was an amazing performance.
I was really there!! In pouring rain!! (can't share those photo's)

We walked around the town of Stockbridge, everywhere beautiful flowers.. and more flowers! I was gasping at all the colors!!

We toured the Norman Rockwell Estate & Museum!

Red Barns everywhere!

We went to the July 4th Parade in Pittsfield! Marching bands, fire trucks, very fun!

We stayed at the Red Lion in Stockbridge! Highly recommend!

Enjoy the photo's!
Happy Monday!
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