Tuesday, November 30, 2010

seriously I am here .....

Upon arrival ... a room amenity!! For me!! Oh, how I miss corporate travel!! Well maybe/maybe not... I do love EVENTS, and the WOW of a program execution! 

A view from my room! 
Mama & Fannie .. more pictures tomorrow... Wish you girls were here!


See you all on Sunday!!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas wreath!!

We gathered at Diggin It to make fresh evergreen and berry wreaths... I wish you could see it in person.. red berries, the smell of evergreen... This is my side door entrance!  Beginning to look like Christmas! 


Sunday, November 28, 2010


I thought Sunday was a day of rest!! Not here at the blue cottage for sure!!  Finishing decorating the cottage for Christmas, taking grandson to see the Christmas Carol this afternoon at our local performing arts center.  

Then packing my bags.... leaving town early early Tuesday, destination Bahamas!! Don't hate me!  It's a work gig  for this event!!!  I am one of the travel directors on site, handling VIP guest and entertainer for the beach party! More to come later...


Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy Birthday JACK!

We celebrated Jack's 2nd birthday tonight - lots of cake, ice cream and balloons! Oh, how I love my grandson's!
And of course Jack had to have a Mickey Mouse cake!! He loved it! He was singing us the tones of Mickey Mouse club house!!
Happy Birthday my dear Jack!! You are such a sweetheart and a joy to be around!

Love, Mimi

Thursday, November 25, 2010


Thanksgiving is family day for us! It is the one day a year that is understood we are together. Today all the family from East & North Texas will make the drive out West of Fort Worth and spend the day at my brother's home. My brother loves to entertain and is truly the "chef" of the family so we certainly don't mind sampling all his fabulous grilled meats and his private label sauces!! He is known for his orange-chipotle sauce!! 
This picture is one of my many favorites- It holds so many memories of my grandmother, we always had Thanksgiving with her. My mom is an only child so it was just the five of us and my grandmother for years. In the photo (l-r) is my stepdad, Wesley, (passed away in 94) my little brother Brian, my Grandmother Mary Emily, (passed away in 97) me of course with fork in hand (not much has changed) and my sweet, sweet sister Pam! I think Mama was the photographer so she is left out of this picture.  My grandmother baked ham always, never a turkey or dressing, she baked a pecan pie, mashed taters, and homemade bread.  It was a simple feast and oh how we loved her for all she did for us!

I hope your day is full of memories!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Enjoying the last of my flowers and 75 degree day here in North Texas!  Cold front is suppose to be here tomorrow!!  
Hope all of you are getting ready for Thanksgiving Day! 

Monday, November 22, 2010

Favorite green & red Christmas candy is out!  Kids are coming home tomorrow from A & M, and University of Arkansas, so bringing out the junk food! Hope all of your family, friends, and kids will be home for the holiday Thursday. I am thankful for my family, long friendships ... and ALL my fabulous blogging friends!      
Wishing you a week of peace and renewed spirit!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Christmas Lights!!

Side view of house with lights... I should seriously learn to use this camera with the night lens! 

Front view! Enjoy day 1 of Christmas decor @the Blue cottage!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

baking cookies....

A quiet evening at home with LOML (LOVE OF MY LIFE) and baking cookies! Happy Week-end!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Oh what a night! and a joyful sale!

It was Mimi last night and wow did we ever have a LARGE time! I picked up Jack - who by the way is having a birthday this coming week #2!  First stop KFC! He took the bucket off the cabinet and said "ALL MINE" seriously!!  
While Wesley and I were in the kitchen baking BANANA BANANA BREAD, Jack went missing... He shouted "FOUND ONE" when we spotted him under my office desk!  
And oh what a sweet mess Wesley made!!  And of course, I love to clean messes!
First batch in the oven!!  The boys went to bed.. After the loaves were all done, I wrapped them in bags, with cute tags, and he happily carried 6 of his favorite teachers bread to school this morning! I am so THANKFUL for them.. I was busy cleaning messes forgot to take photo's of the after .. you can reflect to my old post for recipe and finished goodie! 

Ok ... so happy Friday to all... Enjoy the recipe... and one more important announcement!! Do you all know, love and adore Nancy @Ella Elaine! Well I recently have spent a great deal of time with her and Mr Ella, great folks, you should meet them. Today I am helping her spread the word that she is having a big sale at her home In Frisco....Nancy, I am trying to get to Frisco !! Clients n town today and tomorrow.... AND oh how I need a few more chippy, junky, crusty things!!  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Hello World"

Monday, November 15, 2010

so glad to be home....

I'm Back!!  Alexandria was great ... more on that later! Weekend was filled with LOML, & a soccer tournament! They took 2nd place!! Not bad considering this is their first year playing as a team!  Also, we squeezed in dinner Saturday night with fabulous friends!  
Coin toss! 

FINALLY for the drawing!! Thank you for entering, thank you for hopping over to meet Tori!
Drum roll please..... The winner is Shelia, she will receive a gift from here!   Did you know they have 44 flavors of popcorn?  Hope you all have a great day!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

enter my give-a-way!

Popping in from Alexandria, Virginia.... be home Friday... did you enter my drawing???


Monday, November 8, 2010

New Blogging Friend.... (and a give-a-way)

Hey... Hey...  I have an introduction!!  Please hand me the mic!!

Today I would love for you to meet Tori. She is a SKY MOM, a cool mom of two daughters, lives here n Texas, writes an amazing blog .. great recipes, great parenting tips, news & events about Sky Ranch and is working on growing her followers fan club!! I told her we would help her.. I am counting on you.... Thanks, I knew you would... You were all so kind to Tracey &  Karla, made them feel most welcome... then you visited Kim, and Robin via my site.  Pop over and introduce yourself to TORI and give her a smile and a hug today?

I am having a give-a-way.. here are the rules.. You have to leave me a comment, you need to hop over and say hello to Tori, tell her you found via my blog, and...  and.... You need to become a follower of Tori's... If you want 2 entries to win my fabulous drawing!!! Slide my "SAVE THE DATE" for Cowboys and Cowboys to your blog! Please help me get the word out... it's for a amazing cause!

AND what do you win?????  Tell you this, you will not be disappointed!!  DRAWING SATURDAY!!!

Departing DFW at 6:30AM tomorrow heading out to Alexandria, Virginia!! Be back Friday.... Tell you all about it when I get back!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

We'll be at at the soccer game!

Wonder what he is thinking about? 
Final soccer game today for the city championship game!  

Have a great Sunday!! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Enjoying Home! Happy Saturday!! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

My week!!

Playing with Baby Jack in spare time, brother Wesley is at 5th grade camp this week, so only Jack for "Mimi Night"  don't you love that little dirty spaghetti face!! He is pretty proud of himself!! Bouncing all over the house on this green ball!! 
Paperwork ... Paperwork... Closing on this piece of beautiful land in 6 days... 27 acres in Farmersville!  I could not be happier for the seller!!
Closed on this beautiful home Monday... located in Frisco - stunning neighborhood!!  I have one for you too! 

Amazing staircase- hand scraped wood floors

Hope you all have a fabulous Friday!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


TO SAVE THE DATE!! February 26th.... Go here to find a few more details!! 

Did I tell you why I love this event?  Let me tell you again..... 

Since 1955, Sky Ranch has been a Christian organization that has provided nationally recognized summer camps, retreats, and conferences in Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado; Champions Rodeo camps; as well as mission camps in Africa, France and Russia.  These programs have enabled youth and families to enjoy a positive and exciting camping experience combined with the truths of God’s Word, making a lasting impact on future generations.

Cowboys & Cowboys is an annual event with the specific purpose of raising the necessary funds for Sky Ranch to continue to focus on programs that develop character and leadership growth.  Specific areas of ministry that benefit from the proceeds of the event include:

  • Summer Camp
  • Family Camp
  • Champions Rodeo Camps
  • Angel Tree Camp (kids of incarcerated parents)
  • Leadership Camps
  • Wilderness Camps
  • Retreats & Conferences
  • Outdoor Ed programs
Did I tell you WHO ACCEPTED THE  INVITATION TO BE THE HONORARY CELEBRITY CO-CHAIR?   Roger Staubach!!!!!!  The 1963 Heisman Trophy Winner... Guided Dallas to 4 NFC titles, Super Bowl VI, XII WINS, MVP IN SUPER BOWL VI, .All-NFC five years . . .Career stats: 22,700 yards, 153 TDs passing; 2,264 yards, 20 TDs rushing. . .83.4 NFL passer rating best ever at time of retirement. . .Four-time NFL passing leader. 


Did I tell you who is providing all the fabulous DECOR for the GALA??  (I believe I did in a earlier post) 

Did I tell you I am the luckiest girl to be the event chair for this event???   Thought so!! 


Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Ashley & Jon Eric!!

1, 2 , 3 everyone blow out all the candles!! 
Brotherly & Sisterly LOVE!  
Celebrating their 6th and 4th birthday, we celebrated on Halloween evening 1987
Photo taken in Tyler, Texas 
Today is my son's 27th birthday!! Happy Birthday Jon-Eric!!  10:19 am 27 years ago! I will never forget it .. thought we were having a little girl "AMANDA" and when they said "It's a BOY" I could not have been more happy. I remember crying and crying.. and the doctor said yep, he's a keeper... I AGREED! (In 1983, a sonogram was very expensive, insurance did not cover unless there was a medical reason... so it was somewhat of a guessing game) AND much more suspense!! Ashley turns 29 on Nov 3! We had a dinner for them last night in between the RANGER game and all the Trick or Treater's!
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