Monday, January 5, 2009

As Promised, sharing my junky finds & my Rooster!

Happy Monday all:
I wanted to share the sweetest finds while in East Texas thrift store shopping with Mama this past weekend! Loved this plate (59 cents!) Also, the dripping bowl (79 cents!) Purchased them both at Goodwill. Do you love them or what??
As you can see in this photo- I have them arranged for the moment! Notice the rooster in the background? You want my rooster?? Heck no!! Get ya one @

I love January.. new beginnings, time to rearrrange etc..
Hope you liked my junky finds.. more later!
Ohhhhhhhhhh... P.S.!!! Get to Target. They have the cutest Valentine items in the dollar bin when you walk in the door. Check out the glitter words and hearts.. Think I will change out the ribbon... Thoughts?

Bear Hugs to ya!


Garden Antqs Vintage said...

Hello, wanted to stop in and say hi. I found you through Laurie Anna's Vintage Home. I just adore Laurie, she is the sweetest! I also love her store and Canton. I'm there every month. I wanted to tell you what a beautiful home you have. Very pretty gardens as well. Hope you have a great week, Theresa

nwalker said...

I ran acrossed your blog and we had a few things in common. I love Canton Trade Days too. It was great this past weekend.

tammy said...

I have got to visit thrift stores more often. We have a lot of the same tastes. Like the black and white kitchen sign, and the black and white damask plates? I have both of those! How funny.

Love the v-day items. I have one thing for v-day. I better get looking.

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