Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Celebrate New Beginnings in 2009 & Happy New Year!

Good morning everyone~

On my way out of town with my LOML (love of my life) to celebrate the New Year in. Hope each of you have a wonderful day and a very Happy New Year!

Have a blast and be safe!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Hey everyone!! Not sure why I can not do the mosiac!! I did get photo's in photostream on flicker.. enjoy a glimpse of my world!

Attached is the link to my year in review!


My Romantic Home: Let's do a "Year in Review" Party!

My Romantic Home: Let's do a "Year in Review" Party!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

One step ahead of New Year Resolution!!

Hey everyone!

Was going to run some errands today with my LOML, thought I would put on my sassy Lucky brand jeans to find that I have really been enjoying the holiday season!

SO, I thought no dessert's, no bread, chicken and vegetables here we go again!! (you think Oprah struggles with weight!) I wanted to share a simple dish I make. Getting in the correct mindset! I will probably call on this really cool young man to give me a jump start.. Check out Jon Eric and his website! He is amazing!

I had a blast with the new camera! The photographs are much better than the stir fry! (lol)

Saute onions, bell peppers! in a tad of low sodium soy sauce!

Add in yellow squash,zucchini, mushrooms~ pinch of garlic salt, pinch of lemon pepper!

Add in broccoli and small roma tomato~ Simmer on low for 7 minutes!


For those of us who have to return to work -- have a good one!

Saturday, December 27, 2008


Had to share what my LOML (love of my life!!) gave me for Christmas!

When I opened I cried... "oh for me!!" I was so excited.. I said, "You shouldn't have!" but... "ohhh so glad you did!"

Look out for some great pictures to come!

Have a great Saturday!


Friday, December 26, 2008


Wow! What a wonderful time we had on Christmas evening with our 4 kids, significant others and the two grandkids!

We had much fun, too much food, followed by games, and then the late movie of "MARLEY AND ME", followed with more dessert's! It was great to have everyone here!

Enjoy the photo of our kids!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008



Santa stopped by tonight!

One of my Christmas traditions for my grandson is a personalized visit from Santa. Santa has been coming by the house on Christmas Eve the last 6 years. This year Wesley had to share a bit of the spotlight with Baby Jack, and he was proud to show him off!

All of us played the game... when we heard Santa ring the door bell! "WHO COULD IT BE?" Wesley said "I TOLD YOU MIMI, I KNEW HE WOULD COME!"

Wesley asked many tough questions for Santa this year.

Enjoy the photo's and Merry Christmas!!


Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Glimpse of Dining Room.. All ready for Christmas Cheer!

Tidings to all:

Sharing the dining room all decked in her glory! Just waiting for Christmas Day!

Enjoy your families and enjoy the reason for this amazing season!

Big Hugs to you all!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

4 days and counting down!!

4 DAYS!! OH MY! So glad I am on vacation this week!

I will share last minute transformations this week!! I will rush out tomorrow for fresh greenery, wine, and a few more gifts.

I wanted to share my hutch in dining room. If many of you do NOT know I am extremely sentimental, SO I have to share this hutch with you. She is 27 years old.. and she ages more and more with grace every day. She orginally was white, then colonial red, now black!!

Just decorated with tinsel, few of my favorite Santa's, and the Happy Holiday banner in gold glitter .. I LOVE it!

Hope Santa is stopping by your house!

Bells will be Ringing!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A dozen roses for you! Merry Christmas!

Hello all...

Out of town.. with family.

Until I get back on Sunday .. please enjoy this dozen of roses!

Big ol' hugs to all!


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

and to all a good night!!!

Everyone still in the Christmas Spirit??

Many times it is the simple things that me smile! I have to share my simple nightstand next to my bed!

This Santa I have had since Ashley was 2.. so it's 25 years old.. Think I purchased from Home Interiors?
The little urn I found at a thrift store for 50 cents, it was so very rough.. gave it a coat of chrome spray paint for a bit of Christmas cheer, the berries are from my garden. I Love old telephones, since I am a loyal phone company employee. This phone was my Grandmother's, we have it hard wired in our home now .. AND LET IT BE KNOWN.. there is nothing more cheerful than a ring of an old telephone.

Enjoy your day.. hope you all are making many Christmas memories this year!


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snowing in North Texas!!

Oh my gosh!!!!! I love it... Snow is falling here in North Texas!

We normally only get ice.. so this snow is beautiful!

Enjoy the photo's!

Think I will have a hot apple cider!

bEaR Hugs to ya!

Monday, December 15, 2008

My Christmas Cottage!!

Merry Christmas from my Cottage in Texas!

May all your Wishes and Dreams come true this Holiday Season!


Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hey everyone.. wanted to share my junky finds from last weekend in my hometown! and share what I have been doing since last blog on Thursday!!
This mirror was not attractive, when purchased. I love it now, painted black. Don't you love the wheat bundle at the top of it? I love mirrors, and how they reflect back.

These little shelves were at Goodwill for a $1 each. Gave them a coat of black paint and put them in my kitchen for a little fun. (I bought 7 of these last weekend.. so you will see these popping up everywhere in my home!) Don't you love the MOTHER silver piece? I bought it off ebay.. love it! AND .. I have many sets of silver salt/pepper shakers! Love those too.. great for holiday dining table.

Then the plate collage, this is so NOT my creativity. Borrowed this idea from Tina @Cherry HIll Cottage. ( (Thanks Tina, you are my inspiration!) Many of the plates were my Grandmother's, 5 of them I found last week-end at a barn sale! The collage is displayed in my guest room, better known as my Mom's room! (check older posts to see photo's)

Just putting the finishing touches on the house (for the moment!) and getting ready for holiday parties, kids coming home from college and friends dropping by.

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mimi Thursday!

Happy Mimi Thursday to all:

As you can see from the photo's -- Wesley and I have a new addition with us tonight for Mimi night! I forget how easy an 8 year is! Baby Jack is now 15 days old, visiting his Mimi for a bit while Mom takes a break. Whew... I forgot these little one's are work.

Enjoy the photo's and I will chat with all of you over the weekend!

Big ol' HuGS!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I felt I had to blog this today.

If you have a need to do something for someone do it!

if you love someone tell them!

If you need to mend a friendship -- begin mending!

IF you need to write a long overdue note - write it with grace.

Make Christmas cookies for a neighbor.

Make someone smile!


Fa la la!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hope you like my Trees!!

Jingle bells to All,

Wanted to share my tree in the dining room. I decided to put in the dining room since that is where we stay at Christmas gathered around the table for chip & dips, cookies, hot cocoa.. and share stories!

I love the BELIEVE glitter word, have had for a few years.. Totally addicted to polka dots this year. if you recall I used this same ribbon for my front door garland. The ornaments on the tree are years of kids ornaments, or ornaments we buy yearly for the kids that are reflective of their life. You will find basketballs, sail boats, airplanes, motorcycles. Opening the ornament bin is like opening a gift each year. Not sure if it is the memory of the ornament or the memory of each of the kids memories at that time in their life.

This little curly ribbon tree is new this year.. ordered on internet with a no return policy!! What you see isn't what you get sometimes! Wasn't quite what I expected. However, thought was cute sassed up a bit. This is in the corner of our bedroom, Love the reflection in the mirror of the tree..

Hope you all are enjoying this season!

Cheers to ya!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Patio - Just a touch!

Happy Monday yall!

Took a day of vacation today!! The telecom company that I have been employed with for 18 years.. is laying off roughly 12,000 employees! Thank God .. seriously I have a job. However many of my closest peers are on the hunt to find another job within 60 days. (say a prayer for them!)

So with all of that going on -- I TOOK A ME DAY AND A BIG TIME OUT! to regroup and work on some Christmas cheer!

This is my red patio table that I love and adore. I use the urn planter inside and out - filled it with Christmas balls, red beads and a hurricane lamp. (NOTICE: My geraniums in background are still blooming!!)

I love these signs.. For most holiday's I tie something on to the back of the patio chair's. I pick up signs at dollar tree, thrift stores wherever.. I think they are fun. (( and I am all about the fun!))

Ho HO ho!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Beginning to look alot like Christmas around here!!

Hey everyone...

My tree is almost done.. having difficulty with my bellowing ribbons! Trying to decide what to do with all the kids ornaments .. wanted to do the tree in all my silver platters, silver compotes, silver tea pitchers.. but may not win the vote this year... Son is a Senior at high school, so we feel a tad inclined to make this year a blow out with all of the yearly tot-to-teen ornaments this year!!

Worked on the dining area as well today..

I use alot of Christmas balls red and silver to decorate throughout the house. dining room most of the day..

Wishing you each a day full of holiday cheer!

Fa La La!


Went to my hometown yesterday of Tyler for the Christmas Tour of Homes!! WOWOWOWOWOO!!

It was so BEAUTIFUL... many of homes would not let us take photo's. These photo's are from a shop in hometown Tyler Texas, The Gipson Girl.. she decorated 4 of the 5 homes on the tour. She is amazing..

More to come... going to get my trees up today!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

Mimi Thursday!

Mimi Thursday's seem to come very quickly over the beginning of what seems to be a very busy holiday season.

Since Wesley's baby brother arrived last Wednesday, I have been the non-stop Mimi, helping out etc.. I begged Wesley for a week of Mimi night off .. but that wasn't happening!!

Once the night started I was so glad he was here. We discussed Santa .. and Wesley questioned if he was real, how did he really come into our house if the doors are locked and... Mimi does NOT HAVE A chimney.. the questions were endless..

I finally got him off that subject with a challenge of the 12 days of Christmas.. American Idol in the making of this 8 year old .. I tell ya! (lol) We begin to sing, (no, i can not carry a tune!) we were laughing so hard at each other.. and the singing talent we did not have... However, we knew the 12 twelve days of Christmas very well.

We made his favorite brownies tonight (also, his Uncle Jon's favorite!). Licking the beaters is the best!

Hope you all have a favorite time with your grandkids, kids, and loved ones over the holiday!


Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Howdy yall!!

Have to share with you.... Baby daughter got accepted to Texas A&M University today! WHOOP! She will start spring semester in January!!

Way to go Karly... you have worked so hard and we could not be prouder of you.

For all of you Aggies.. give Karly a BIG "WHOOP"!


Monday, December 1, 2008



Ran by Goodwill tonight on the way home from the office... to pick up some garland that I spotted the other day. (Should have bought it when I spotted it!!)

Excited to share I found 2 finds! for the little cottage here in TeXas!

NOTE: Neither of which are the garland I went after!
Being the silver addict I am... I could not believe this little silver box was all alone on the shelf! So, thinking I give it a tad of Christmas decor later in the week.. maybe fill with red glitter balls.. (might have to shabby it up a tad.. a bit too shiny for me!)

This little pedestal I spotted for $5 bucks.. could not grab it quick enough!! love it and said Merry Christmas to me!! Added bonus.... it was already painted black! (had to have it!!)

Santa is coming!! Tell everyone!!

PS... Totally did not even look at the garland!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

One more Chandelier Dressed for SANTA!

Happy Sunday everyone... Hope you all had a relaxing day.. finished off all the left overs, kitchens are cleaned up, and everyone is unloading the attic for Christmas treasures!

Today I worked on a few small Christmas decor items on my check list! (and checkin' it twice!!)

I picked up this box of Christmas holley stained glass pieces at a garage sale in the summer for $2!! I could not wait to drag them out today.

This is my outdoor chandelier hanging on the patio. Each arm of the chandelier has a different colored bobeche. The different colors allow me to decorate and work with different colors year round.

I strung silver garland and then tied the holley on to the arms for a festive twist.

And then .. my favorite birdhouse .. gave it a touch of Christmas decor as well.

Back in the office tomorrow... sure many of you are back to the grind as well. Have a great Monday & safe travels.

Jingle Bells to ya!
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