Monday, January 12, 2009


Hey all.. need your help! My hunk of a sweet husband has a birthday this week, plus Valentine's coming up. Need a lifeline call to James Taylor.. if anyone knows him, just need him to give Tim a call for his birthday!! I think that may top the anniversary's, birthday's, and Valentine's gifts in the past. We have seen James Taylor in Dallas twice, in Chicago... and at Tanglewood last July3rd!
This trip was a birthday/valentine gift for TIm last year. I am racking my brain trying to top it! It will be hard! Tim had a dream of traveling to Stockbridge.. Lenox.. Pittsfield.. to capture all of the lyrics that James sings of. It was more than a dream come true for us! We planned for 6 months, everything we would do and see. We didn't meet James Taylor. The concert was an amazing performance.
I was really there!! In pouring rain!! (can't share those photo's)

We walked around the town of Stockbridge, everywhere beautiful flowers.. and more flowers! I was gasping at all the colors!!

We toured the Norman Rockwell Estate & Museum!

Red Barns everywhere!

We went to the July 4th Parade in Pittsfield! Marching bands, fire trucks, very fun!

We stayed at the Red Lion in Stockbridge! Highly recommend!

Enjoy the photo's!
Happy Monday!

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