Sunday, November 23, 2008

Speaking of Junky Finds! Fabric -Ribbon Lampshades?

Hello all....

This weekend was a blur.... trying to get ready for the family Thanksgiving and putting the finishing touches on my junky finds.

I had bought this not so attractive lamp table, couple coats of black paint does wonders! I had this old vintage shade (see in photo). With the help of a friend who taught me the tricks of knot tying and cutting 2 inch strips.. a fabric-ribbon lampshade was in the making.

These fabric-ribbon lamp shades sell here locally in a antique store in my hometown for about $100! Use your imagination and fine tune to accommodate your color scheme! Oh yeah.. and of course had to add a few strands of beads!

Hope your weekend was kicking fun!!



Jackie said...

The lamp shade is darling!!!
You should make these and sell them on etsy.

Cherry Hill Cottage~ said...

now that's cute!!!!!
I'll have to do that with my other old shade!!

loveyou girl!

Vintage Sandy said...

That is adorable what a clever idea L♥VE IT!!

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