Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mimi Thursday!

Hello all, as you all know today is Mimi Thursday!

Instead of the nightly ritual we normally do... I stepped on out there and offered to go spend the day with Wesley and 45 of his closest friends for a field trip, followed by a Thanksgiving lunch at the school in lieu of the Thursday night Mimi Sleepover!

We toured a historic mock old town area in our city, complete with the old schoolhouse, church, hotel, general store. It was fabulous and the kids loved it.

We then proceeded to the oldest cemetery in our town, dating back to 1845. The students had researched many of the oldest families around, our mission was to locate the family that we were assigned. Need I say more abut 45 - 3rd graders running through a cemetery? Yes, we did give rules but they were suddenly out the door as soon as we stepped off the bus.

The kids did math calculations on life span of many of the deceased... at one point my darling grandson advised the average age was 50 and I probably didn't have much more time!!! I had to laugh out loud!!

The photo's above were taken at the cemetery. They were so pretty! Wanted to share. The picture does not do justice!

Needless to say.. I need a glass of wine and a little James Taylor to unwind.

Holla back if you want to LAUGH WITH ME! What a day and a sweet one at that!


PS.. Overnight stay is still on... cause Mimi didn't make it clear that it was the field trip, or sleepover! (I can't say no why?)

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