Saturday, June 4, 2011

Guest Blogger Friday!! Come on in, door is open!

Please welcome my guest blogger for Friday. Welcome JaneY!!

Hi! I'm Jmac....The Crazy Cruisin' Chick and I'm honored to have been asked to guest blog on Valarie's Glimpse of My World today! So Fun!! Hmmm....crazy? My friends and daughter-in-laws say so. A chick? In the highest form! And where does "cruisin" come from? So....this won't be a post about decoratin' or junkin,' but I thought since summer has just begun, I'd take you on a lil cruise thru the Caribbean. Sit back, close your eyes and put yourselves into the crystal blue, clear waters and white pristine beaches, where reality becomes a blur and your imagination becomes a little piece of heaven!

I began blogging when we were on our first sailing adventure abooard our baby, Blew Bayou. She is a 42' catamaran that has taken us to very beautiful parts of the world. My husband is a lover of the seas and captaining his own vessel has definitely been a check off of his bucket list. Blogging was the easiest means of showing our children and friends info of our whereabouts and adventures since alot of the islands do not have the best technology for communicating. For the first 3 yrs, we both spent many months of the yr sailing to different destinations. The past 2 yrs I've not been able to play as much because of a bad back and babyboy's wedding planning. But the captain has been traveling every yr for 3-4 months at a time! Because of my interest in photography, my travels have allowed me to work at my hobby while out on the waters and participating in some magazine adventures, which have earned some awards and great prizes!! When trying to decide which images to show you, it was impossible to include everything in one blog post, so I've just decided the best thing to do is to pick a few and let you imagine the rest!! Sailing adventures have included the Abacos Islands in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Antiqua, British Virgin Islands and Roatan, Utila, LaCeiba and several other islands in Honduras, Central America. Remember.....imagination is our greatest indulgence!! Guana Cay in BahamasTreasure Cay beach in Abacos Islands....National Geographic's pick of one of the most beautiful beaches! Ahhhhhhhh.......thanks Valarie for giving me this opportunity to re-live some glorious times in my life! A sunset toast to you all!!


Shellbelle said...

Like Miss Lov's Kitchen, this is just the Bess!

Now you know I adore all the photos of the islands and surrounding waters, but the one with the Captain buried in the sand as the dog sits casually nearby is fabulous!

All the fruit just made my mouth water and I wanted to grab one of those CUTE baskets, fill it up and head for the beach.

As always Janey dear, I love your post and Valerie, it's nice to meetcha.

I'm off to check out your vintage trailer right now, I have a real passion for vintage trailers.

Aloha girls, have a fantastic day!

Kaybe said...

Hi there. I came over from Janie's blog. Excuse me while I go put some sunscreen on :D Janie's pictures of her travels are always stunning.

Take good care,


Loui♥ said...

followed from Janie's place..
how awesome are those shots!!!
love sailing and traveling..
especially with Janie at the helm..
now am off to explore Valerie's world!!
warmest sandy hugs!!

Jane said...

Loved seeing some of Janey's photos and reading of her adventures. She's the best! (Of course, we have so much in common. Right, Janey? LOL)

I loved browsing through your blog, Valerie. Your home is beautiful. I especially love your kitchen redo. The burlap coffee sack shades are just perfect! (and you got my mind thinking...hmmmm). I love McKinney...we were looking for a home there just before we were transferred to FL. (We lived in Plano.).
It was nice to meet you...and I am sure we'll see you again.
Jane (artfully graced)

Stacey said...

Wow! You are living the life. :)

Seven Gates Farm said...

Can I go on the next trip; I'm in desperate need for R&R!. Those were just amazing pictures. Debi

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