Saturday, November 29, 2008

Chandeliers have on their Christmas Best!

Today, I sassed up 4 of my favorite chandeliers just waiting for Santa!

If you are close to a Dollar Tree you should go and make a haul. All of the silver glitter balls, Prancer (my favorite!), snowflakes with the prism are all from Dollar Tree. I bought the silver garland at Dollar General.

This chandelier hangs over my dining room table. I love, love the glitter balls, and Prancer. DO you love the snowflakes with the prism at the bottom? Loved that! Matched all my other prism's on the chandelier. Also, silver garland is such a big bang for a buck! I tied the ornaments with red organza on the arms to pull in the red from my table runners , chargers etc..That will be set soon..

This chandelier hangs over the bar... Have to tell you that these glitter balls were 5 in a tube for a BUCK! You love the glittery, sassy Prancer? (HAVE YOU SEEN THE CHRISTMAS MOVIE PRANCER?)

This little jewel hangs over my kitchen sink and makes me smile daily! I mixed in some red garland on this one to bring out the red in my shade over the sink -- also added the silver garland. The little glass bulbs that have flowers in them ... are too cute... have had them for years.. will dress them out for Christmas with berries.. (these are left over from Thanksgiving)

This chandlier hangs in the guest room better known as my mom's room when she comes to visit. I did not hang garland on this one .. I thought the crystal ornaments were just enough to make a difference! These also were at the Dollar Tree 3 to a card! I just looped them over the arms for a bit of sweet sass!


Dressed up my jars of Christmas candy with ribbons and balls.. have 2 done, have about 10 more to go!! I will decorate these in each room .. Kids love CANDY!

So ... that was it for today.. Hope you are bringing out all the things that make your Christmas special!

Cheers to ya!


laurie said...

I don't know what brought you to my blog, but whatever it was, I am glad you found me, because that brought me over to your beautiful blog. I love your chandeliers (with or without Christmas decor), and I also looked at your previous post with that beautiful door topper. I'll be coming back here often. laurie

Laurie - Decorating Fanatic said...

Hi Valarie! Wow! You have some lovely chandeliers and I can't believe what you were able to find at the Dollar Tree! Ours isn't THAT great!
I read your comment about the needlepoint. I know, I still have guilt feelings about removing it but I am going to save it by framing it for our bedroom. That way if I ever want to make it "original" again it will still be preserved. Just waiting for a half off framing coupon from Michaels - custom framing really takes a chunk out of your piggy bank! If I ever change my mind I will let you know! :) Congratulations on your new grandson! He is BEAUTIFUL! ~ Laurie

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