Thursday, November 6, 2008


Today is Mimi's on Thursday. In case you all are wondering what this entails.. It is a bright blue eyed 8 year grandson that spends the night with Mimi and .. pretty much rules the roost for the night!! His overnight stay includes his choice of the evening meal (thank gOOdness tonight for chili cheese dogs with tater tots!)and choice of activity for the evening. We started this overnight event when he was 2, to give his Mom a break once a week. This has turned into such a memorable event for the both of us.  

We have in the past .. watched the sun go down, counted the stars, made cookies, made messes, cried over rules, pitched many baseballs, kicked the soccer ball, attended fun movies, blown bubbles, rode our bikes, discussed the family tree in detail .. and the most fun of all that we do at least once a month .. watch the video of his birth & go through his scrapbook to read all about him!   

Not sure how many of you are Mimi'S .. if you are blessed with grandchildren, enjoy the talks, enjoy the laughs and most of all enjoy the memories of a grandchild.. till tomorrow ... HUGS TO ALL! 

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Anonymous said...

Hi Val-Now that my blogging pictures have finally for some odd reason showed up, I can see who's reading my blog!

Thanks for stopping by...

My boys call their grandma Mimi too, and they love spending time with their Mimi and Papa. Your grandson looks like he's one happy guy getting all that attention!

Have a good weekend-

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