Friday, November 28, 2008

Christmas Decor Fever

Ok... I have to admit I did eat the very last piece of hershey pie! AND many pieces of honey baked ham today!

Instead of shopping today, I thought best if I stayed home and started creating Christmas decor.

I am so PROUD OF MYSELF (pat on back please!) over this front door garland. I spotted a similar one at a Decorator Warehouse for $350! Granted it may have a few more goodies on it.. but very close to this I put together for $50! I bought the pre-lit garland on sale @Michaels, all the ribbon and sugar berry springs from Garden Ridge. I thought it turned out very good.. first time I went all out on front door garland.. I love it... AND my adorable husband really loves the $$ savings!

Working on some other things .. will share tomorrow.

I hope this blog finds you in the Christmas Spirit and dragging out all the goodies from the attic!



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