Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well here we are again at Mimi Thursday!!

Tonight Cici's Pizza first choice, followed by video games, then just one more video game, followed by hot chocolate at the house with all the cool whip and sprinkles on top!! and just a bit more of cool whip please!!

As I mentioned in my profile Wesley is expecting a baby brother due between this second and Dec 1.

Wesley will have a bit of adjusting to do when Baby Jack arrives...

Wesley is the first born grandson on both sides of the families, he has ALWAYS been front and center of all attention, the world has pretty much revolved around him for the last 8 years, aunts and uncles goo over him, he has a fabulous great grandmother, great aunt and uncle, tons of playmates!

We have all been his cheering fan club.... He has played every sport to mankind and does well (for an 8 year old).. His jersey numbers have always been #1! I asked him tonight did you realize you were #1 in baseball, #1 in soccer, #1 in outdoor soccer? He said so matter of fact.. I will always be #1, Baby Jack will be #2.

As I said ... few minor tweeks and adjustments are coming his way.... MORE TO FOLLOW on how that goes!

Enjoy my photo's of #1!! He rocks my WORLD!!

Big smiles from Texas!!

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