Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Check out the $3 mirror find!! Thought it added a funky twist to my dining table.. I added a crystal decanter , few glasses, and champagne glasses. Will add in the next few days (yes, will share!) silver candlesticks, orange and red roses in rose bowl to warm it up for Thanksgiving Day festivities. I am hosting the family so this table needs to be a WOW.. MORE TO COME..

There you have it.. my funky tip for the day.



Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

Hi Valarie,

I love the way the mirror looks on your table! One of the prettiest holiday tablescapes I ever saw was done using a mirror like this with a variety of white candles and snips of red berries and pine branches. Thanks for the inspiration and congrats on finding your lamp! You scored at that price too!


maggie said...

That's a great find. I love mirrors and found a large one I really like at a yard sale recently.

ksarra said...

Isn't this time of year exciting? For so many of us that love decorating and tablescapes, the holidays offer the perfect opportunity to share the things we love with the people who are so special to us.

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