Wednesday, September 30, 2009

one of my favorite things....

For all of you that follow my blog... remember my post and the newly planted kitchen sink! At the end of the summer I take notes and keep a scrapbook of my yard for the season, plants that worked and did not work, new little junky finds I found here and there etc.... Well I think my favorite junky find for the side yard this summer was the kitchen sink!! The impatients and ferns are so pretty now. I hope you agree...

Monday, September 28, 2009

Need a rocker for your porch?

Sharing bargain of the day! Wal-Mart has ROCKERS ON SALE!! 1/2 PRICE! END OF SEASON CLOSE OUT!

Sunday, September 27, 2009


So with that thought in mind.. "TIME FOR FALL". For your tablescape you will need cake pedestal, cheese dome, cake cover, few pumpkins (for FALL) few of your favorite vintage clocks (for TIME). I had an old velvet runner so that is what the arrangement is sitting on. Then I added a few of my silver pieces - added the pumpkins on top.. Hope you like and if you want to use please do... We all like to share!

Friday, September 25, 2009


Hope you all have a great Friday! Valarie

Thursday, September 24, 2009

fall is in the air...

The first fire tonight! Maybe a glass of Merlot for LOML and a Mojita for me! Enjoy your evening! Hugs.. Valarie

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

NO. 1110

Inspiration from Michelle. Of course my house numbers are not curvy, but I think they really give the front door a splash of fun! I want a new front door ~ However, the one I want is about $1200!! (The corporation I work for is about to have another round of lay-off's so I better not purchase anything now!!) Cost $10 bucks. I bought them at a local sign company - put them on myself in 5 minutes!
Hugs.... Smiles.... Happiness to each of you!

Monday, September 21, 2009

looking up!

Wesley and I took this photo this past week-end lying on the ground looking up and reflecting our day. Isn't it beautiful? I do miss the pine trees in East Texas!
Hope your Monday was great!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Re-charged, re-energized and home safely!!

I'm back.....
We had a blast at the retreat!! We even won a very prestigious hand carved cedar award! Yep, we did a bubble gum blowing contest. No, it really was not that easy! First of all, the grandson had to put his face in a bowl of flour, find the bubble gum, grab the gum with his teeth, then give me the gum - flour and all, then I had to blow a bubble with the gum in less than a few seconds.
We had a day of activities that were very fun for the kids.
Also, If you ever have a chance to attend a conference with Terry Ann Kelly, as the guest speaker - GO! Terry is an excellent speaker, speaks from the heart, has 5 boys! (God Bless her!) and she is a tiny package of DYNAMITE! Hope you had a fabulous week-end! Glad to be home... missed you all.. Valarie

Friday, September 18, 2009

A Retreat with the Grandson....

Hey gal's.. school is out early here today in North Texas.. The grandson and I are heading out for a little retreat @Pine Cove.
Be back on Sunday!
Hugs to all...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Before and After -of my kitchen!

I was ready for a change in my kitchen. I painted my kitchen red when we moved in 7 years ago! Sharing the before ...

AND NOW THE AFTER!! Changed a few things around in the process of the paint job! Ralph Lauren paint - Natural Canvas.
I reworked this area- added a few of my silver collectibles, and brought out the fall plates.
Fresh Basil drying on an old towel rack that belonged to my Grandmother!
Silver tray filled with spices, seasonings, and my favorite TEA! I love the coffee prints, the coffee clock and the Sanka container filled with coffee.. reminds me of my Grandmother.

The window view of the kitchen.. don't you love the new color?? So light and airy!
I removed everything off the top of the shelves~ moved this locker bin of plates and the rooster to the foot of the newly painted chalkboard. The new chalkboard- love it- I had a list of many items - LOML erased - no more projects until Super Bowl is over!! The red phone is one of my prized finds... I have about five of these throughout the house... Ma Bell (AT&T)has been good to me and my family for 19 years so I am pretty proud of all my junky phone finds!
I had these bread boxes above the cabinets but moved them off the top of the shelves and grounded them on the floor with my junky find picnic basket! and then ...
My inspiration for the following came from My Sweet Savannah rate her space here. I had wanted a new look above my cabinets and when I saw this - I was in Love with it! Stop by and see her blog, or find her on rooms on Rate My Space on HGTV.

AND then for all of you that are wondering -- did I really paint the red wall with the rooster... NO!! No! She is a part of the family and I love that wall with all my heart! I hope you enjoyed the little redo! Thanks for popping by- You all inspire me- Would love to hear your comments! Valarie

Monday, September 14, 2009

YEP - HE DID IT!! a small peek!

LOML is the best - even painted the side of the pantry cabinet~ CHALKBOARD for me!! JUST FOR ME!! Now we can write love notes- recipes- to do list -- etc.. More to come -- trying to put everything back together tonight and the next few days!! Stay posted...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Raining and Idle Hands~~

Raining here in North Texas! Me idle... NEVER!! I asked LOML to run to Home Depot with me to "LOOK" at paint colors... 6 hours later.... (We) Well LOML had it painted. Will post the finished project later this week!! Can you believe i gave up my red kitchen????
Can't wait to share with you!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Restaurant Ware

Hey y'all!! I am selling all of my restaurant ware - if you are interested please leave me a comment with email and I will contact you.
Cleaning out cabinets today- I have way too many dishes!!

Friday, September 11, 2009


Enjoy your nest this week-end!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

tell me why?

Why would I start cleaning my office after an 9 hour corporate America day job? Because... after a while disorganization gets to be a real pain!! Here we go... Before.. disorganized, event files, photos, bank statements .. you name it! A mess!
Few hours later - everything filed, photos in storage boxes, photos filed in CD cases..
This is where I need some help!! Coming off my master you walk into the laundry room.. I need a WOW! Maybe a chalk board wall? Perhaps a mural? Wall words? New paint color.. right now it is a soft, faint green - I think it Behr's Widow Lace. I love the color it accents the stained glass.. For sure I have two chandeliers to add over the workspace.. (they are in redo stages now!) What else... need your thoughts?! I am in a decorating dilemna!
oh... and what to put on this shelf with the hooks! (Right now I have the grandson's All Star baseball uniform hanging on it, that come straight out the dryer weeks ago). I think the shelf is ready for a coat of paint or paper or something??
I would be thrilled if you would really leave me a comment!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Ferns and white picket fence! Home Sweet Home!
Hope you all had a great day!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sharing Gruene.....

Hi y'all, wanted to share a few photo's I snapped this week-end. All of you that follow my blog know I love Gruene, down in the heart of Hill Country in Texas! It is a place of renewal, and recharge for me. Come along.. for a glimpse of a good time...
We always stay at The Mansion
LOML and I sat on the river bank...
Skipped rocks....
Gruene Hall was a buzz with Charlie Robinson in town for his birthday bash!
The Gruene water tower~ standing so proud over the town!
While down in Gruene, we walk the neighborhood - I always walk by this home and think how stinkin' cute the outside is-so thought I would snap a few photo's. This is Anne's home, although I have never met her, I did find a number for her to ask if I could post my photo's- of course she was so kind to agree.Let's take a peek together!
ALL the birdhouse's in the trees...

See the dove? Then back to The Mansion to relax, swing in the arbor... Isn't this fabulous?
If you ever want to stay at The Mansion, Cecil will help you find the perfect room for your anniversary, girl's week-end, etc... Be sure and tell him I sent ya! Hugs~Valarie
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