Monday, July 29, 2013

1963 Vintage Trailer Make Over....

This has been a year of make overs, do overs, for us at the blue cottage! 

If you follow my blog you know I am the proud owner of a 63 Silver Streak Vintage trailer.. 

She is an adorable trailer for decor purposes, she knocks it out of the park when we travel with her.  Her challenges are no cabinet space,  no microwave, a leaky kitchen faucet, needs more storage and a new refrigerator...  

So with a little help from our friends - we begin the demo yesterday... 

Ripped out the old furnace 

Ripped out the old wiring.. 

Love her shine.... 

Ripped out the stove, orginial refrigerator 

HAVE a slight dent by door and one towards the back.... 

More to come.... 

Thanks for stopping by... 

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Outdoor Living - Historic McKinney


Remember a few weeks ago when I shared the beginning of my garden journey HERE!!! 

Where the pergolas, outdoor kitchen and fireplace are now

Once a storage to the garage now my husbands office... 

The side yard looking down towards the street  

Where fireplace is NOW 

Side yard looking in from street view -  

Building of the outdoor grill and serving bar.. 

Another view of side yard looking towards street from back yard 

AND 12 YEARS LATER....... We are loving our space!! 
Remember a few weeks ago and I shared the beginning of my garden journey here! 

We finished the painting of the second pergola this week!! 

Loving the outdoor fan - has 3 speeds and it is pretty chic for us here at the blue cottage! 

A better view of the fan... I hunted this outdoor fan out and drove 30 miles to pick her up... 
A view down the side yard yard now towards the street! 

More fan and fireplace.... did i say I loved this fan, it has 3 speeds, spins around and oh my goodness i love it! 

A view from the fireplace looking towards the driveway and my fabulous neighbor 

More side view looking down the side yard... 

A view looking from the drive to the back yard entertaining space...

I believe we are ALL DONE  almost done with the yard projects!!!

Thanks for stopping by the blue cottage!

Party anyone!!

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

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