Friday, November 14, 2008


Happy Friday to all,

Doesn't get much better than stopping by a flea market on the way home from the office to find a couple little items to make your day!

I have become obsessed with these little gold or silver jewelry boxes! I have been collecting them for a arrangement on my dresser. (so stinkin cute!) They are very inexpensive to pick up at garage sales, thrift stores, and bring just the perfect little "WOW"! I have beads in one, pennies in another, old charms in another with the lids half open.. just makes you want to peek inside!!

Found the perfect little bouquet of pink and blue ornaments AND a silver creamer. So of course they had to end up in the shabby chic room.. will share photo's soon.

Found a 'K' intial .. representing my last name HAD to have that!

Found a little condiment set .. Must have for the upcoming Thanksgiving gala.. need to silver leaf tomorrow.

Spent $20!! and had a fab time!

Thought I would share ...

Have a great weekend.. and I hope you find a diamond in the rough!

O Happy Days!

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