Saturday, November 14, 2009

I went shopping for ya!

I bought myself these items today and bought one for you! First one to respond - I will mark sold! Ya ready???

Peace OUT!! I will throw in the peace earrings as well... $20 total includes shipping! SOLD TO Mzztyerry!! 

Crowned Glory!! This bracelet is more stunning in person... Has lots of bling and crowns!! $25 w/shipping 

The rhinestone loop earrings below - are a must have for holiday bling!! $10 w/shipping SOLD TO HALEY

The cross necklace ~ 3 strands of beads - the rhinestone cross/crown  at the bottom!  $20 include shipping! 

I hope you love the bling! I will pop back in later to see if you  filling your stocking!!



Mzzterry said...

I hope I am first!! yee haw!!

Mzzterry said...

i really want the peace earrings for my daughter!!

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