Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Good Bye Summer... Hello FALL ..

Reflecting on an awesome summer!!   
we spent alot of time on the patio -- cooking burgers, entertaining our clan - 

My roses were amazing this summer... 

My grandmothers favorite - JFK white rose 

I will plant flowers and hang them everywhere around the property! 

we watched a whole lotta baseball games! 

Spent time with son jon Eric 

More of my beautiful flowers 

We saluted good times, good family memories 

My men.... 


Oldest GRANDson 

we had family dinners every Sunday-  

I got to take the oldest to Pine Cove... Ranch Rooted....  

More of my summer plantings... 

Summer gardens I love... 

Part of the fam- 

Enjoyed every detail of home.. 

We decorated the car - and headed to SKY RANCH - Grandson attended 2 weeks for leadership 

Enjoyed my sweet mother

Enjoyed our little Jackers!

Love of my life and I took a little camping trip for my birthday... 

Got to enjoy my sister Fannie, and we all prayed over Haedan brain surgery - prayers answered - 

We dreamed of a farmhouse in rural ETexas the entire summer- we didn't get it.. prayer unanswered.. 

We watered and watered and tried to keep everything alive despite 100+ days 

We chased dreams, attended soccer games...

We had fun.... I am excited to see what Fall will bring....

Good bye Summer...



1 comment:

Stacey said...

I love this post! Makes me want to be more careful about taking pictures of our family. For a minute I thought you were saying goodbye to the little blue cottage. But...no?

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