Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I will never forget.... 9.11

I will never forget 9.11. I remember the love of my life and I had walked down to grab a cup of coffee..  laughing and happy in love with life, great kids, &  fabulous jobs at AT&T  ... when we noticed everyone gathered around the TV's in the break area.  There was a stillness in the air, tears, and utter disbelief. When we walked up we witnessed the second plane fly into the World Trade Center.  It was like we were all frozen in time, no one could speak... we just watched for minutes. Nothing said...
I remember being in Downtown Dallas among all the high rise buildings and my office being on the 19th floor and wondered what if? The fear of these people trapped in buildings, the fear of the loss, the loss of loved ones and families that would never be the same. 
My boss at that time was located in Chicago... she advised me and team to work remote asap. I left the building and the parking garage was packed with everyone trying to exit the garage. My daughter called and asked for me to go please pick up her son....I picked up my grandson Wesley who was 1 year then, I took him home and we rocked -- and rocked all day long and watched the news.... I remember talking to him and telling him his life would never be the same with terrorist, and what an impact this had on his life going forward. Every year since then I tell him the same story of how I rocked him and held him and we watched the events unfold of the day.    
The love of my life and I decided this day - we would never take life, or each other for granted. It was a day - a turning point in our lives that we will never forget. 
Where were you on 9.11?  
Prayers for all those who lost loved ones... 


Carol said...

I had just taken my 4th grade class to specials classes. Someone came & told us what had happened. We turned on our classroom TVs to watch the horror. Disbelief, terror. The remainder of the day was difficult. I will never forget.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- That makes me feel like crying. I think each and every one of us remembers the moment we heard- I was driving through and getting a coffee when the girl behind the window told me- I turned around and went home and spent the rest of the day watching TV and our kids came and stayed with us for a day or so- xo Diana

Sharing Shadymont said...

Much the same as you Valerie. I was at work, and my daughter called me and said that we might want to turn on the t.v. that a plane had crashed into one of the towers. Several of us went to the conference room to see, and also witnessed the 2nd plane. It was a horrifying day! None of us could concentrate on our work. We just sat in utter disbelief, knowing that we would never be the same. I, too, will never forget.

God bless our great country!!

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