Sunday, September 9, 2012

First Right of Refusal.....

For all of you that follow my blog, you know we had made an offer on a 1910 FARMHOUSE in rural East Texas. We were set to close a few weeks ago when an instrument found NOT tied to the deed for a first right of refusal on the property from 10 years ago. The home was in an estate - we were working with an attorney so we were all very shocked.  The folks who sold this lady the home had her sign a 'first right of refusal' when they sold it to her... therefore when it was now an estate -they had first rights to it. Small town politics... Need I say more!! And I do mean a whole lotta small town politics!  

We were in East Texas last yesterday for the GRANDson soccer game, went by the house and sat on the porch... We had big plans for her... all the contractors hired, plans done, just waiting to close... I hope they restore her to her natural beauty AND all her glory.  Based on what I heard today she will probably be another rental property!!  

I am sure something better is around the corner for us! 

Have a great week! 


Carol said...

I'm so sorry Valarie! You have such a great attitude about something better being in store for you.


Lori said...

Never heard of such a thing. CRAZY. So sorry.

NanaDiana said...

Oh- I am so sorry, Valarie- You must be heartbroken. xo Diana

Mick said...

How heart breaking! Im sure there's another treasure waiting out there!

jmac said...

oh valarie....i'm so sorry but I bet good things will come out of this. I know you had your heart set on her....just keep your heart open never know what might just jump in!!
I'm off to photograph italy..till November....mwah!

Patricia / CookieFish said...

Bummer....maybe that means the future has something much more magnificent in store for you.

Indiana Limestone said...

Hope something better is waiting for you. All the best valarie.

~ Herman Swan

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