Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Working on my guest bathroom... if you recall from a previous post (click).. I love all jewelry/vanity trays! Bought two from Jo this weekend.. painted them REGAL RED! The little shelf above the commode, when found it was emerald green.. isn't she pretty all dressed in Regal Red??Reflecting back from the mirror over the sink . . to the cute wall of Mirror's!
Little red shelf.. not sure what to put on it.. so this is for now!
I want to do this entire wall -- if you see any old jewelry/vanity trays holla at me!
Do you move things around in your house all the time??? What room is easiest for you to move around?? Don't ya just love change!
Love you all..


Jean Tuthill said...

I really like how you've put the vanity trays up as mirrors. They look very cool like that. I move stuff all around all the time, especially when there's a holiday.

Ginger said...

Everything looks so nice in there. I move things around too, but I never seem to get them the way I want. I just don't have the eye for decorating, I guess. lol

Deb said...

I love it.....love the red

mishebe said...

Love it. yea how did u put those trays up? boy the red pops. m

Small House said...

Just found your blog. And I love it. I love the red that youuse. The mirrors are wonderful.

Have a great day.

bj said...

If I find any, I'll send em to you, for sure. I used to see these a lot in thrift stores..haven't seen any lately, tho.
Your bath is precious and, yes, that shelf looks so cute in RED.

Mimi Sue said...

LOVE those vanity trays too. How do you paint them? Tape them off or take them apart? Love your bathroom. The red fabric curtain is the cutest. I do like to move the little stuff around. But I like to keep the big furniture where it is. Don't know why. Mimi

Federica said...

All those mirrors are fantastic!

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