Saturday, June 25, 2011

"She Travels Well: Valarie Kerby"

Can I be vain for this post only? Thanks!  

The silver beauty is going to have an article written about her in the "local townsquare buzz"  today. The writer Michele, adorable and amazing... read the sweet story below!! Thank you Michele! 

What do you get when you take a Lone Star lady, mix in a generous amount of gypsy spirit, an impeccable sense of whimsical style, and a ’63 Silver Streak trailer?  Answer:  Getaway Gal #78. 

How about if you add in a camera, a lap-top and the ability to spin a tale?  Answer:  The Trailer Gal, author of the popular “Glimpse of My World” blog. 

So what’s the answer if  you throw in a crisp blue cottage, with a backyard brimming with vintage eye-candy, outdoor living spaces where you want to, you know, live, blooming flowers, and something beautiful to look at no matter where you turn your gaze?  Answer:  McKinney’s Valarie Kerby, aka Getaway Gal#78 et al.

“I’m a gypsy at heart,” says Kerby, as she graciously escorts TSB on a guided tour of her newest love, The Serendipity Gypsy, a 1963 Silver Streak trailer, which she with husband Tim have lovingly restored. 

“She’s small, but she’s very sassy,” says Kerby, “When we bought her, she was a nightmare and a mess.  We gutted most of it, but kept everything original.  I just love her.  I got her in October and have taken her out several times.”

With the Serendipity Gypsy securely hitched behind her, Kerby likes to hit the road with the Texas-based all girls camping club, The Getaway Gals. 

The Getaway Gals Camping Club was founded in January 2011 by Dixie Taylor of Athens, Texas.  The no-dues club plans girls only trips every four to five weeks per year with the primary focus being fun, food, and hanging out with the girls.  Many of the trips are in conjunction with festivals or special events, giving the ladies and opportunity to do more than sit around the campfire if the mood strikes. 

“We take trips all over Texas,” says Kerby, “We’re just a bunch of girls from Texas and Oklahoma who like to go!”

Even when parked in the driveway of her cottage nestled in the heart of McKinney’s Historic District,  Kerby enjoys her little gypsy hut, as she calls it, and apparently, so do others. 
“It all started when we did a photo session with our kids,” says Kerby, “Before long, we received a request from a photographer to use our trailer and backyard for a photo shoot.  Then another photographer called asking.   Now, several photographers have been out.  One even did a whole vintage photo shoot with models.  It was a neat experience.” 

When not on the road with the Getaway Gals or hosting photogs at home, Kerby and the Serendipity Gypsy can be found hitched up and ready to roll, sharing the love with folks having pasture weddings, or doing photo shoots in fields of bluebonnets and wheat fields. 

“She travels well,” says Kerby of the Serendipity Gypsy, “I just love her.”

My guess is the Serendipity Gypsy would say the same.
Thanks for letting me share a moment in the spotlight with you!! 
Have a happy Saturday!! 



Lee said...

What a wonderful tribute to you! So much fun!
Now I will go back and check out the renovation.
Thanks so much for sharing!

ain't for city gals said...

I always heard in Texas "It ain't bragging if it's true"! Would love to read more about your Texas camping group ...would like to do the same in Arizona...

Becky C said...

Well, congratulations! How nicely written! And what a marvelous photo! She's movin' on up :)
Becky C

bj said... adorable is this camper. You look so cute in your boots.:))
Now, I gotta see if I can photos of the inside of this Gypsy Gal...:)

jmac said...

Too Cool for School!!!! You're famous, girlfriend!!!

Comeca Jones said...

Adorable as usual.

Stacey said...

That looks like so much fun to me! Very neat that you are being featured. :)

Anonymous said...

I love it! I've been dreaming about remolding one of these for a while now. One day! :) Congratulations! She's a beauty!
~ Camary

shelia said...

How adorable! That goes for the trailer and you!! I can see your gypsy spirit coming thru. We lived in a small community about 60 miles north of Austin just after we got married and loved it, got pregnant, homesick & back to Miss. we went. Always wished we had stuck it out, then I could be a Texas gal too! love ya

Shelia said...

Oh, congratulations on the story about you and your little trailer! I wanna go inside! You looks very sweet and proud sitting out front! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Cindy said...

I love your silver stream! It is so pretty with your outdoor area fixed up so nicely.

Michelle said...

How exciting! I am visiting from Sumo's Sweet Stuff and I am a new follower!!! I hope you have a great week and that I see you around soon!!

Anonymous said...

Very cool! Good for you!

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