Saturday, July 25, 2009

It was a B-I-N-G-0!

Made a run to visit my friend Jo - and look what she was holding for me!
You know where these are going.. (click here for post on mirrors)

AND THEN.. You all know I collect Mother prints..
Did you find anything at your favorite junk store, garage sale, thrift store today?


Anonymous said...

Bought a couple of small tables yesterday... one at a consignment shop and the other at a misc. shop which included antiques, junk and crafty stuff. Will be posting pics soon!

The Blue Ridge Gal

Melinda said...

I haven't been shopping in a couple of weeks. I think its soon be time for a yard sale road trip!
I love Mother prints as well, and have a couple nice ones myself. I have seen your mirror post and love, love, love it!!

Christine said...

I went shopping but you take the cake! (what ever that means)
I just love seeing what you come up with.
Keep up the good work!

Jean Tuthill said...

That's quite a score, to find all that great stuff! The Mother print is beautiful. I love the soft colors of the roses. I haven't been shopping in a while, I need to do some soon!

Brenda said...

I sure did! Bought some cute stuff at this little antique place Saturday.

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