Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back from my celebration at the Gruene Mansion!

Thank you all for the birthday wishes.LOML (love of my life) took me to one of my favorite places.. Gruene. We always stay at the Gruene Mansion!
Upon arrival to the room, there was this beautiful chocolate cake LOML had arranged for.

This is the view from The Hayloft room overlooking the property.

The walk way to the loft..

The river was low but still so beautiful...

I did shop a few vintage stores downtown Gruene... Enjoy your shopping!

and this little shop - Simply Detailed! Very fun, funky and very Mackenzie-Childs friendly!

and then .. the departing breakfast from The Gruene Mansion is always the best! Thank to Chef Connie!
I hope you enjoyed the little trip as much as I did! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

WOW... what fun! I'll take 2 of those green milk glass look cake plates please. You did get me one, didn't you?

The Blue Ridge Gal

bj said...

Welcome back and so glad you had such fun. I love the place you stayed and the low river still looks good.
Now you might know, too, that I would have been in hog heaven in the MC shop....ummm..I love that stuff.
The cake....O, my..looks delish!!

Primitiques 'n Poetry said...

I love Gruene Mansion! Have never stayed in the Hayloft, but I want to now! Glad to hear you had a great trip. ~Mindy

just a little bit shabby said...

Happy birthday and glad there was some water in the river! This drought is bad!!!!

Cottage Rose said...

Hey Valerie; Wow what gorgeous photos, how sweet of your LOYL to give you such a celebration... It looks like such a lovely and peaceful place to stay... oh and all those shops oh boy how fun.... thanks for sharing.


Federica said...

Welcome back darling! How fun! That cake looks delicious!

Dreams and Decor said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Looks like you had a wonderful trip! What a special birthday cake! And I love the chandy in the Mansion's dining room! Patti

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