Sunday, July 5, 2009

Baseball Update...

Cause I know you been wondering... Well our little guy made ALL STARS! We have played 3 games so far and won them all! We play again tomorrow night and keep progressing in District 8 play, then on to the State tournament! Keep your fingers crossed for us! We are having loads of fun and could not be more proud of this 9 year old!!
RAH! RAH! Come join me at the ball park!


Sweet Repose said...

Lil' boyz and their sweet he is...

Theresa from Time-worn Interiors has met Robin too and has many of her clothes and purses and surprised me last year with a gift, as I started opening the tissue from around the bag, I instantly knew it was a Magnolia Pearl purse before I had an inch of it out of the bag...what a grand surprise and to own one of these treasures, I'm truly amazed at such a gift.

The lil' pink shack that I live in(alone)has the original wallpaper and unpainted plaster that is so perfect for my style, which is what I have always called 'the bordello look', I'm so glad Robin has made it famous. Some day my 6 acres of prairie grass will have a chicken house to rival Robins. But living alone has given me the freedom to go Iowa!

Thanks so much for stopping by...I'll be back.


Mimi Sue said...

Congratulations! Doesn't that mean there'll be lots more baseball games? So fun. Our son loved to play baseball too and made the allstars one year. Now my kids are too old to play and the grandkids are too young. Hope you had a wonderful 4th. Mimi

Christine said...

Your blog is always so bright and cheerful. All your family news and decorating details keep me coming back.

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