Saturday, July 11, 2009

Goodwill Find-

Today I found this "GOD BLESS OUR HOME" at Goodwill. $4! I loved the roses in it!
I love old vintage "Mother" prints and always on the look out for them. The old black & white of the couple is Mama & biological father wedding photo taken in 1958, the expecting mother is me taken in 1983 expecting my son Jon-Eric. The little girl holding hands with me in the rocker is my sweet Ashley, she was almost 2 then! (Where does time go?)

Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my hall and the new junky find!

PS... the ALL STARS lost last night - we had won 5 consecutive games, but one short of the State tourney. Our little guys were heart broken!


bj said...

Oh so sorry to hear they lost their game. I know how heartbroken these little people can be over losses. Deeds, our 7 yr old, and her team came in 2nd and she was a little upset about not getting
first didn't last long tho. We took them all for ice cream and every thing was good in their world again!! :)
I love your new GW treasure.

Diana said...

Love the sign, too!

Sounds like the boys had a great season. Losses are always hard.

Tootsie said...

great find!!! I would have bought it too!!!

Claudia said...

I have the same God Bless Our Home print - I got it at auction. It is a Currier and Ives lithograph! Aren't the colors fabulous?

Brenda said...

Love glimpses into other people's world. Kind of like driving down the street at night and gazing into windows left bare with the lights on.

Anonymous said...

My grandmother used to collect signs like this. What a memory to fall back on. THank you.

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