Sunday, June 14, 2009


Can I be a kid again?? Seriously.. Rockin C Ranch ROCKS! it is a fully operational working ranch.. a few of the campers chores will include gathering eggs, building fences, feeding the goats, and milking cows! The fun things include a zip line across the lake, eating like a King for 3 Southern cooked meals a day, making new friendships, and best of all teaching of the BIble daily!
When you enter the gates to Rockin C Ranch you are greeted at the gate with these young cowboys on horses, fields of horses, beautiful pine trees, and great camp counselors. I wanted to share a few of the photo's!

If you have not selected a camp for kids this summer.. I highly recommend!


Pat said...

This looks like a wonderful place. I don't have any little ones any nobody is being sent to camp, but I'd sure love to have gone to a camp like that myself when a youngster!

bj said...

This looks like a fabulous place. I have 2 grands going off to camp in the morning for a week. It's a christian camp and they swim, hike, climb a little mountain (we don't have REAL mountains out here on the plains but this camp is down in a canyon). I sure wish we had something like this one, tho.

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

Hi Valarie,
What a great ranch for kids. I would like to say there. Your pizza looks so yummy. I enjoy Blue Moon beer too,I have not tried the orange slice, but now I will.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Ginger said...

That would make me want to be a kid again too. Looks like so much fun. The only camp I ever went to was sponsored by our elementary school. It sure wasn't anything like that.

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