Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mandevilla vines ~

I have these growing up my corner posts on the pergola. Very easy to grow, and oh so pretty! To find out more about growing Mandevilla vines click here!

What are your plans for the day?


bj said...

OOO, how beautiful these are. You are located in an area where it is so easy to grow beautiful flowers and plants. Here in W.Texas, I have to baby, fertilize, pray, threaten and shake my flowers to get their attention. Mine here are JUST beginning to look like they MIGHT bloom ! M.I.G.H.T.

Darla said...

Very nice!

Mimi Sue said...

Your mandevilla is beautiful. Do they grow all year where you are? They're annuals here. I really love them. You are so right. Enjoy every moment with your kids. They have kids of their own before you know it. It goes by so fast. Mimi

Busy Mom said...

Thanks for stopping by!! I love your blog!! I'll be back to visit soon!!

Gary and Elizabeth~ said...

What a lovely vine, the flower is so pretty and looks great crawling up your front post.
Take care and enjoy your day,

Bonafide Southern said...

What lovely mandevilla. It's just gorgeous. I love to look at flowers, but I don't have much of a green thumb. Thanks for sharing yours. Also, thanks for dropping by my blog. Come back anytime.

bj said...

Thank you, ma'am, for coming by tonight. Always so glad to see you.
I have been so busy, today, that I haven't been on the computer much. Nor tomorrow as I will be doing my Memaw thingy with 2 adorable grands...think I'll take them fishing...they love doing that. We are all 3 scared to touch the fish so if we catch one, what will we do ?? ;)Once, I found a bucket, filled it with water, put the fish, line and all, in it and took it home to Granddad. Course, by then the poor fish was dead as a doornail....

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Valerie...your flowers are lovely..mine are just beginning to grow and I am so pleased. They have a LONG way to go yet..but I'm working at keeping them alive. :)
The California heat is fast approaching and I must get them established before it gets hot.

Now...the other thing I want to say is..NO one has ever paid me a more wonderful compliment than you did in your last comment on my post.
To say I make people laugh..that I make you even so precious to me. Thank you with all the love in my heart, for saying that to me!

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