Friday, June 5, 2009

Graduation - One day away!!

As you all know that follow my blog.. Last one in the nest is graduating tomorrow! I wanted to share a few of the things I made for the bash tomorrow!! Of course, you also know if you follow my blog Jonathan is Arkansas Bound! So, it was only fitting that all my decor be "HOG WILD!" I took paint buckets, applied University of Arkansas stickers, red-white check ribbon, black white check ribbon, and stuffed with red tissue paper, popped in a red Gerber daisy... There you have it!

Also, this is a collage. It does not do it justice (click photo to see large) - I have made these for all the kids, they love them. Very easy to make and such a great walk down memory lane - I did shed a few tears while making this one!
On the way out the door to run errands.. chat later! Can someone send a Kleenex?


Pat said...

Love what you did for your graduation guy!

Susan S. said...

What great decorations!!!! Love the bright Gerbers and the tie in with the Razorback Red. Tell you son they have special Razorback Ice Cream in the Arkansas Walmarts. I included pictures of it in my blog a few posts back. I'm sure it can't be as good as Blue Bell...LOL!

Enjoy the weekend!


All I can say is Go Razorbacks!
Thanks for your comment. I love my sign too!

Tina said...

You are so NICE!! A GOOD MOM!! Love all the decorations!!

Happy Graduation!! ;- )

Tina~ Cherry Hill Cottage

Mimi Sue said...

They turned out so cute. Great idea. The first one and the last one leaving the nest are always hard. Mimi

bj said...

Your decorations are awesome!
I so remember when my yougest graduated... I bawled for a solid month. got better and it will for you, too..
Good luck to him.

mishebe said...

Love it!

Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

We all go through it and it's such a great time of our lives! Great..but sad. You did him shows your love!

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