Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Charming & Eclectic - 1930's Bungalow

Thought about living in Austin Texas?? State capital of Texas! Home of University of Texas and the Texas Longhorns!! Well... a peer realtor just listed this adorable cottage in the hip heart of downtown Austin.  Only 1072 sq feet priced at 339k!  

Stinkin' cute right??? 
Happy Day! 


Comeca Jones said...

I love its being so different!And the little back yard is so cozy !

Stacey said...

Very cute but there's no way I'd sign up for the traffic around Austin.

NanaDiana said...

Amazing the differences in areas. Austin there at over $300K and here in Green Bay it would be under $100. We're a mill workers town and prices reflect that. Love that little place though!!! xo Diana

Seven Gates Farm said...

Stinkin' artsy, I think ~ Debi

Gayle from Vintage Farmhouse said...

Very cute home! I love the kitchen! Thanks for sharing,

Tracy M. said...

How cute is that cottage! My Hubby and I are are interested in coming to Texas someday. That little place would be a perfect retirement home.
Take Care,
Tracy M.

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