Saturday, June 18, 2011

Busy ... busy...

More than a few of my favorite bloggers have emailed me to ask if I was leaving the real estate business for "The Trailer Gal" venture! No ... no! I love the real estate business- it can be  challenging but the rewards are so great! I love all my clients.. I love their stories.. I love helping find the perfect home,  and AT THE END OF THE DAY... I hope I made a difference!

The Trailer Gal is in full swing and I even fit in a photo shoot & interview this week with the silver beauty for a local media story! (have to say I loved it!)  We have many many things planned for her and a fall trip in the making heading out to East Texas- all I can share now.. other than it will be fun and fabulous!!

As far as the real estate I am busy even with the sagging economy - folks still LOVE homes, and great pricing. I am a buyer's agent only - so the market is bringing MANY serious clients that want great pricing, great school's and honestly, who would not love MCKINNEY, TEXAS?  Voted by Money Magazine 5th best place to live!

So I thought I would share a glimpse of this week... and for the last 3 months this has been pretty much my week...

I was referred a dear couple from Illinois (thank you Carrie!) relocating here to Texas. Recently graduated from dental school and moving North of Mckinney to practice! Darling couple, adorable kids! After 2 days of looking at many homes - David walked in and said "SHE WILL LOVE THIS ONE" and she did... contract written!! Arriving in July to begin the move in and enjoy the Texas heat hospitality!
Also, this week my dear friend Jenny is moving to Australia.  I am leasing her home for the next year.. Beautiful - located in the historic district!!  It was on the home & garden tour last year. The grounds are fabulous - She will have them maintained while she is away!  Lucky tenant!!  
And then - my empty nester couple looking for the perfect home- We found them one yesterday - Stonebridge Estates!! Wow!   They fell in love with the backyard... perfect for many, many entertainment options!!  I asked them to adopt me!   

A referral came to me from Gail! Thank you Gail- We found Kelly the perfect house last week- this week we were able to execute the contract and set closing... Adorable home on the cusp of the historic district!! 
AND TODAY.... my sweet, adorable first time home buyers - we looked at many and crossing our fingers on a second look tomorrow... 

Very busy & fun week.... I hope you spend each day doing what you LOVE!!  

Much love! 


Lori said...

I was in McKinney yesterday with my daughter at the red barn sale on E. Louisiana. I have never been down that far, never left the square. Fun, but too hot, we did add a little to the McKinney tax base though!

The4Rs said...

I am so in awe of all the business you are doing in your part of the world! If you ever have anyone you can refer to the Cleveland area, we are your realtors! I so love your blog, we are kindred spirits! Keep up the great work, my daughter has a friend that moved to Houston? she is begging me to go to visit. Hope she can, it looks beautiful!

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