Saturday, September 11, 2010

Trailer shopping today...

Found this Silver Streak on the internet so we saddled up early this am and set out to shop for a new vintage trailer! I thought this could be the new one to replace the gypsy! 1963 Silver Streak.  Loved her! I was in awe... LOML ... NOT SO MUCH!
image 1871516549-0
She will have to have an awning with double fringe!! 
image 1871516549-1
Love the windows on the side
Not crazy about the kitchen needs face lift 
Loved the front of her and the front awning!  (Dent on the front right) I still loved her! 
Sleek back of the trailer ADORABLE WINDOWS 

Cabinets were stained ebony - not crazy about that.... (THOUGHT i COULD BEADBOARD THEM?)Cushions were not my style need redone...(THINKING COLOR - BOLD COLOR) 
Flooring looks white, it is really a commercial grade tile... No.. needs faux hardwood or black/white check

We are going to sleep on it! I want vintage shiny airstream, a silver streak... LOML wants a new trailer like a RPOD with all the bells and whistles with TV, cable pre-wired etc, storage etc... What's a girl to do???

See you all tomorrow!  


glimpse of my world said...

LOML JUST READ MY POST... HE SAID.. I was a bit bratty and spoiled rotten.... I know you gals don't think that!! Right?? Smiles!!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Where are you looking on the net? I have been checking out ebay for a deal. They have alot of vintage trailers, but none near me to look at. My Granny always said I was "spoiled with love." :)

Deb said...

no way......I like it....

Mzzterry said...

any girl worth her salt IS spoiled rotten....any man worth having will keep her that way!! Just my opinion, for what its worth!! I love the trailer, but it needs a little TLC! You are full of T. L & C. =)

Sheree said...

Sorry Valerie --I agree with your "LOML" - I have had both. Older ones have been so much trouble. New-spiffy-roomy is way to go!!

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