Saturday, September 4, 2010


Football season is here and trust me ... please know LOML is beside himself.. I on the other hand am not a football fan at all, so I am looking forward to many good junkin trips over the next few months!! The blue cottage is divided today! Son, Jon Eric is a 2006 grad of SFA and daughter, Karly is a Senior at A & M this year, my niece Haley Jayne also a 2006 grad of Texas A & M! So we are proudly supporting the alma mater today!

SMILES.. Valarie 


Linda@Coastal Charm said...

I see that I have something in common with your hubby...I LOVE college football...have fun on your junkin trips and come by with your treasures at NTT!


Anonymous said...

Whoop!! Gig Em Aggies!! Loves you my Auntie!
OOH! Also that little raccoon picture below is TOO cute!!

Jennifer said...

I love your flags!!! THere still cute to decorate your house with even though you don't like football!! lol!!! We have our clemson one flying!

Christy said...

I should have caught the Texas 'thing' with these post. I'm a Baylor girl, so these flags are a LITTLE disturbing, but since I love Tyler....I'm going to breath deep and move past this. ;o) Kidding! I go to Tyler several times a year (and through it even more often). It's one of my favorite state parks, but I also love the shopping and Azalea's. Any favorite shops? I think the best Gelato I've had outside of Italy is at the Chevron State lie!

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