Tuesday, September 28, 2010

she is getting all spruced up!!!

Today, the new "Serendipity Gypsy" got a make-over on the inside. It took them 3 hours to tape everything off and then they did an amazing spray job on her. The pictures do not do her justice...

oh, how i love the new high gloss bright white on all her interior walls

Put the logo on the back, front and side of trailer..... This was the original style logo back in 63!

You are probably wondering why I did not repaint the ebony cabinets... well, the guy who remodeled the Shasta is building a banquette, so we wanted to do all the staining at same time as well as the new floor.

More to come.... Hope you enjoyed the sneak peek... Her cushions, curtains, awning coming this week!



Pine Tree Home said...

I'm jealous of that little gem.

Deb said...

looks good

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