Friday, March 27, 2009

Thank you Lisa!

This little honest scrap was given to me by Lisa: The requirements are to list 10 things about yourself and then pass it on to others......Here goes!
1. I love HOME!
2. I am the Queen of Drive-Through Fast Food! (Taco Bell is my favorite)
3. I always have a camera in my possession!
4. I love tennis shoes... if I could get away with wearing them to work I SO WOULD!
5. I have been known to have a mojita or two!
6. I love Goodwill, thrift store shopping.
7. I will talk to anyone.. (anyone that will listen!)
8. I love pearl's!
9. I am married to my LOML (LOVE OF MY LIFE!)
10. I am inspired by each of you!
I'm supposed to pass this along.. here goes.. plEASe Play aLoNg!
Mimi Sue
Have a great week-end!!


Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Just dropped by to say "hi" and to say how neat it was that you got to meet Tina. I know you are a fan of hers as many of us are. It looked like you had a wonderful time.
I loved your list!! :) The "camera" one I am learning is a huge item! :)

mishebe said...

thanks i will do it.. mishelle

Dixie said...

how kind of you to notice I'm a scrappy-sort-of-gal... I'll snag the info and play along after Easter is done... blessings. Dixie

Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me said...

Thank you for playing along! It is so nice to learn alittle more about those I enjoy visiting in blogland! I do enjoy visiting you each day that I can!
Thank you,

The Vintage Housewife... said...

eekkk! thank you sweet doll...can you see me...i'm doing my beauty queen waive in my vintage car down blog land street...yes uh huh...look at me...i got this award by the talented kitten of glimpse of my world...uh huh yes thank you!!! hee hee blessings cat~

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