Monday, March 23, 2009

Arkansas Bound!!

Hey all.. It's all official! The last one in the nest has decided .. UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS!! Any of my blogging sisters there in Arkansas? Any great thrift stores in Fayetteville? I will be up there plenty.. Say a prayer for us.. LOML not doing so well with this one leaving the nest!
WOO PIG SOOIE!! (gotta learn to call those hog's!)


Tootsie said...

I am so glad I have several years before I face oldest is 9.
On a better note...I got your blog to update in my blog list!!!! I had to take you out for three days...and then add you back in! Just removing for a few minutes didn't work.....yea!!! I will be here more often now!!!

Betty Jo said...

Thanks Hon for stopping by my blog. I know the feeling, but he will be just fine. Congrats to your son! ♥

Cyn said...

GO HOGS!!!!!!!!!! I am from Ontario, Canada but I went to the University of Arkansas and those 4 years were some of the best of my life! It is a fabulous school, fabulous town, fabulous state and I always refer to it as home. I miss it all the time and go back whenever I can. My sister and her family and my mom all live just outside of Little Rock. Anyway, best of daughter just went off to university this year and wow what an adjustment! Thank goodness she is only a few hours away! (she is thinking of U of A for med school though!!!!!) Wooooooooooooo pig sooie!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi-I live in Fayetteville, love to thrift and yes, yes, great shops here! love the Salvation Army, Peace at Home Thrift, Council for the Blind Thrift, Cancer Thrift on Gregg, All My Treasures Flea Mkt.,the Attic, Country Classic in Tonitown, Tonitown Flea, The Abbey in Springdale, to name a few....great 'junkin' town!!! Sooo much fun!

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