Wednesday, March 18, 2009

LOML office getting a SpRinG Make-over... Let's take a Peek!

Hey all... LOML said the other day "my office needs a redo!" I called in the help of Vicki to add box pleat valances, added a sailboat photo! (LOML is a water baby, sailboat guy! We had a small sailboat once.. before LOML nearly sank it and almost drowned at Lake Texoma! Save that story for another day!)
When I moved here in 2002 what is now LOML office was a storage room on the front of the garage. Over the years transformations have occurred every spring. The mural was his birthday gift one year, the bead board ceiling and cut in stars in ceiling were another Spring re-do, the hand scraped floors I had done for Valentine's last year. The sailboat pictures are finds from thrift stores, garage sales. The little yellow gold desk was a Pier 1 floor model on clearance. .. Remember the other day the sad empty pots outside his office.. filled them today with lavender, geranium's, petunia's.. Did you see the "MAGIC" stone? I put there .. cause I believe HE IS PRETTY MAGICAL!
Thanks for taking a peek with me!

1 comment:

Mimi Sue said...

Looks like he has a pretty great office. Love the beadboard ceiling. I want to do that in my kitchen. It's #752 on my list of things to do. Mimi

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