Monday, July 4, 2011

Wedding Bliss..

 Arrived back in North Texas today. I missed you all! I loved spending time with close family, friends! Today is just a brief glimpse of the wedding. Over 500 pictures were taken so I just grabbed a few to show you. More later...  
 A little vintage table with monogrammed fans to keep all the guest cool. The print in the frame is by Diane Duda...
  Simple but beautiful.. the altar decor should focus on the bride & groom... not the decor on or around the altar
My sister Fannie and I did ALL the flower arrangements... we filled mason jars with pink roses, baby's breath, and hydrangea with a few springs of greenery and filled the bottom of the jars with blue stones.. 
My sweet sister in law Susannie.. made the brooch bouquet for her as a gift! Beautiful!! 
 Everyone loved the candy table.. blue & white popcorn (of course to match the decor), jelly beans, gumballs, junior mints, and wedding fortune cookies... don't you love the "SWEET LOVE" banner?  (just sayin') ..
 This was my favorite table - this was in honour of Ashley's great grandmother and Billy's great grandmother both passed but not forgotten. I used an old shawl from my vintage collection,  vintage clocks (moved to the date of 7-3 cool huh?) and pictures of them both.
Sister Fannie made the tissue balls and we hung them everywhere... super easy! A very big bang for your buck! 
This was the guest register/card table. Do you love the floral arrangement??? On this table I used one of my favorite pictures of Ashley & Billy, hurricane lanterns, I used a old chip clip and made distressed tags. Everyone wrote well wishes and advice on them. Fun for the guests. I used a vintage rusty chippy bird cage for the cards(notice the card banner! thank you Amber!), vintage clocks.. all of the tables had vintage linens for a element of interest.  
It was a beautiful day!!
See you all tomorrow!


Lori said...

Looks fabulous, love the flowers.

Ceekay- Thinkin of Home said...

Sweet wedding. The older I get, the more I enjoy these simpler style weddings....everything looks wonderful!

mzzterry said...

so lovely, so personal. so unique. i just love it. i adore it when a bride has her personality infused into the wedding in such memorable ways......the great grandmother table is just too sweet.....and i really love the use of clocks......great ideas. can't wait to see more ;)

All That Glitters said...

I love all of the pretty details!

NanaDiana said...

Valarie- It is beautiful...everything looks just wonderful. I really enjoy the simplicity of it..where the focus is on the bride and groom and their beauty shines through. You got it just right- enought glitz and glam for a wedding but not so much that it outshines the real purpose of the wedding itself! And WHERE is the bride? xo Diana

Amber said...

Oh!!! What a beautiful wedding!! Everything looks so pretty, you did an amazing job! I loved seeing the stuff that I made in the pictures!

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