Friday, July 8, 2011

Guest Blogger Friday!! Come on in, door is open!

I stumbled upon Terry's blog one day and fell head over heels with her decor talent... especially here when she made a headboard out of vintage shutters!!
Check it out here- 

Please welcome Terry from the fabulous blog "FOREVER DECORATING"  
It's a pleasure to introduce  myself. My name is Terry and I live in western Illinois. I am married  and have two grown children and we are recent empty nesters. I am also fairly new to blogging since November, 2010 with my blog Forever Decorating. 
It has been a learning curve and I have begun to train myself to think about my projects with blogging  in mind; ie: before pictures and tutorials.
Forever Decorating!
I was raised with parents that  made everything they possibly could and I forced to sew all my clothes at  the age of eight (now I am thankful). So it comes natural to me that, I  could and would, tear into any home renovation or make anything I could  (or maybe it's because I am cheap). It's a hobby, a lifestyle and a joy  for me to do these things. I believe that if you want it bad enough you will figure out a way to have it. I am blessed with a God given creative gene that I am very thankful for.

Do you have a special collection? I have many and one of them is my vintage purses. It started one time when I went on a home tour and the homeowner had a wall displayed with very old vintage purses and it just grabbed my at my heart. This is how collections for me start...from the heart.
I shared with you on a previous post my wall of purses in my master bedroom...

I hung them from glass drawer knobs until I found this trellis at a garage sale...
It was only $4 and I thought it would look great out in my trellis' are made for.

But then,I had a lightbulb moment

I decided to use it for my purse display as I have shown you in this past post.

Remember, a collection is qualified by three or more of a like item.
But this post is not all about that. It's about refining your collection, once you have it started or even finished. You should review your collection when you feel, enough is enough. Decided on what can go and what you want to keep. If you want to keep it all, then call it done and move on to something else. But, if you can let some go and then afford better, this is your opportunity to fine-tune your collection.

I let go of the newer purses and now am focusing on only older vintage purses.  While on vacation last week in North Carolina, we went to some antique stores and I came across two beautiful and affordable vintage purses. When I got back home, I took away two and replaced them with these two better, more vintage purses. 

Sorry for the blurry pictures, but my camera operator (me) couldn't get it to focus correctly.

All tiny (petitpoint) needlepoint and a unique black pointed clasp.

So here is the rest of my vintage purse collection.

This is all individual set rhinestones purchased at auction cheaply. Inside is the original pocket mirror. My favorite in the collection.

The tag inside this black silk purse says, Made In France and has two large rhinestones for a clasp.

Even though this tapestry purse is pretty, it is slated for getting rid of since it's not vintage enough for this collection. See the gold chain? When it is too shinny, it's too new for me.

Thanks for visiting me here at Glimpse of My World! 


Janie said...

Love this! What a pretty trellis. I've never seen one like it. I like it much better inside too. Great Idea!

Romantic Domestic

Stacey said...

The purse collection is so pretty. That's a great way to display them. :)

Shabby Friends said...

Love you blog, especially the vintage purse pics. You should drive north to Denison some day. We have a nice collection of vintage purses at Shabby Friends. I will try to post some on my blog.

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