Sunday, July 10, 2011


The phone rang early from the GRANDson - He said....

 "I'm ready, let's leave right after church for camp"

His idea of packed and "ready to go" - trunk stuffed to the brim and would not shut! 

My idea of packed and ready to go! 

of course, we had to decorate the car!! 

3 hours later we arrived to The Ranch!  

Nothing like East Texas country! PINE TREES, Horses & Texas Heat in July! 

ALL THE COUNSELORS WERE HAPPY TO SEE THE CAMPERS!! (and after waiting in the car for the gates to open so we could be first in line... I was glad to see them! It's a huge thing to be one of the first in line.. it's a camper thang!) 

After dropping off the happy camper -- I headed north to show some ranch property to my sister Fannie... A new ranch is in the future for them!! LOVE LOVE THIS LITTLE BARN!!

Take a look here.... our hearts were racing... I think this is the one!! 

Slight problem - it's not on the market.... YET! 

Hope you enjoyed our Sunday! Thanks for stopping by! 


1 comment:

Seven Gates Farm said...

Love the pictures of summer camp. Does that bring back some memories. The house at the end is very attractive. Debi

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