Wednesday, March 30, 2011

sister trip!!

Packing, loading, and getting ready for a sister trip! I leave tomorrow with my vintage Silver Streak for 4 days of fun with 75 of my sisters all of who have vintage trailers, and are a ton of fun. The sisters will come from San Antonio area, DFW, & Oklahoma! Our destination: East Texas for a few days of junkin', a night on the red carpet, campfire chats and ohhh so much more!

Today I added my "HOUSE" numbers on the door! LOML and I share the trailer so I added our numbers! 0430!! 0430 was the day I met and fell head over heels in LUST LOVE with LOML. We were engaged on 0430, married on 0430 so I thought the numbers were perfect!

I have house numbers for our blue cottage too... I did a post on those about 2 years ago... CLICK HERE... 

Will share more when I return!



Lori said...

Have way too much fun!

Anonymous said...

Awesome trailer! have fun!!!

Sheree said...

Valerie- Happy Junkin!
Where are you going in East Texas ??
I live in the heart of East Texas~Lufkin :))

BeautifulDees said...

Hi hun, it's been awhile...Have fun on your trip. We are all listening to your tune's...we all agree your related to us.
I love your blog...but you know that. I am selling my big ol house here in Utah....if you have any buyer's send em my way will ya?
Love ya,Debbie

Laura said...

That looks so cute to go away in. My friends have a good old traditional campervan and they are always going away on little jaunts. Hope you have a great time.

Susan S. said...

LOVE HER!!!! One of these days I'm going to do something similar! Gotta get a good deal on a trailer first. :) Then the fun will follow. Be sure to post on the girly trip. I can't wait to see what I'm missing!

Just a little something from Judy said...

I am from the eastern part of the United States. I just discovered your blog, and spent the last 15 minutes reading through it. I love it! I am a cottage girl and I think your taste in decorating is beautiful! What fun to step into life in Texas for a few minutes. I look forward to return visits.

The TinCan Cottage said...

Hi, Valerie! You are a lucky gal! Oh My...:D Do all the Sisters drive and park these beauties by yourselves? I want to go So bad to one of the Sister's outings! One of these daze...until then...I keep practicing my driving/towing skills!"D and live vicariously through you!

Have All the Fun For Everyone of us Trailer gals outhere longing for the Open Road! :D

Happy and Safe Trip to you Valerie and so Nice to Meet You!
(I was in McKinney all last summer, I wish I had looked you Up!)

Happy and Safe trails to You and Your Sisters! Yeah.....!!!! :D

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